24M [Friendship]Looking for long term friends and people to game with

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2021.10.22 17:09 Notsodope 24M [Friendship]Looking for long term friends and people to game with

24M Looking for long term friends and people to game with
I’m just a goofy ass Texan. I’m into video editing, music production, anime, manga, and gaming
I’m pretty laid back and I’m open to talk to anyone!
Some extra info
Gaming platforms: ps4,ps3,pc, switch
Games I’ve been playing as of late:
Smash bros, Mario kart, demon slayer, melty blood, and fortnite!
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2021.10.22 17:09 AibohphobicKitty Business bad? Fuck you, pay me. Media spin pieces not working? Fuck you, pay me. Shorted the wrong company? Fuck you, pay me.

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2021.10.22 17:09 Jacobepaps The most satisfying flip reset goal

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2021.10.22 17:09 Vesyy User Error? Top is aligned but bottom comes just short of being flush :(

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2021.10.22 17:09 Muumin_kun Has anyone else's post not been showing up?

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2021.10.22 17:09 younglingobliterator dylan

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2021.10.22 17:09 Arianalover231 Wow those socks

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2021.10.22 17:09 iwantaroomba Mail continues to be sent to wrong address

So a while back I used address A for a loan application, the bank still sends mail there. I no longer live at Address A. I never forwarded from address A because it was literally the one time I ever used that address. I have called the bank, they say they have no record of that address in my file. Clearly wrong because they send mail there monthly. I've tried writing "return to sender" and "does not live at this address" on the mail but it just finds its way back to the same address. Any suggestions?
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2021.10.22 17:09 bicarbonatewater Should I get my ankle x-rayed?

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2021.10.22 17:09 in__Parentheses IYL old Black Moth Super Rainbow / TOBACCO, YML this 2010 Chad Van Gaalen 2010 Mixtape

Chad Van Gaalen - VARSA
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2021.10.22 17:09 Tidal_Shadow What are you most envious about your opposite gender?

Girls what are you jealous about boys having?
Boys what are you jealous about girls having?
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2021.10.22 17:09 sakurokashii Looking for a 3D printer for work, ~$5000 budget

Title, budget is give or take $5000 for the printer itself.
Some background, aero parts manufacturing company, for the most part hoping to be able to print customer parts here and there before machining them to give programmers a better look at the full picture when creating their plans for machining. So, would want something that prints rather fast, not too concerned about precision or print quality honestly.
Looking for a fairly large build volume, ballpark around 12" X 12" X 12" I would say.
One with a good cart add-on to hold materials is also a plus.
Remote printing would be a plus but having to go back and forth with a USB is fine.
Right now I'm looking at the Fusion 3 F410 and it seems to be a good fit but was wondering if there were any better suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.22 17:09 Temporariness Is there a way to restore a browser's history that got wiped by accident by CCleaner... :'(

even tho I specifically unchecked "history" from the clean ups and have been using for years with no issue, for some reason CCleaner today decided "fuck you and your customized checks" and wiped everything :')
Browser history was so important to me. 5-years worth are gone. I'm devastated.
I hope there's a way to restore it? Using Firefox btw.
Thanks a lot!
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2021.10.22 17:08 letusnottalkfalsely Are you unemployed, and if so, why?

I have read in the news that we have a labor shortage because a lot of people left jobs in 2020 and 2021 and have not returned to work. If you fit this description, what are your reasons?
I’m hoping for answers directly from unemployed people, not theories as to why others are unemployed.
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2021.10.22 17:08 robokai Leesherwhy

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2021.10.22 17:08 big_mike1230 Looking for decent priced supers if anyone has some there willing to part with Hmu I also do a lot of custom work if your interested in a trade

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2021.10.22 17:08 neilfromsydney2003 “Surf Rescue - Bondi beach , Sydney” …

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2021.10.22 17:08 Bootlicker222 Us Paris underrated

This song is as soft as a pillow. I know its not a 'hit' but every aspect of this song is BEAUTIFUL
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2021.10.22 17:08 Gubertino What if we used the Dragon Balls to wish away the PBSO?

Using a wish would mean eliminating the risk of damaging the surrounding area using conventional weaponry and/or biological agents, and prevent the corpse from rotting underground. A concerted international effort could have the Dragon Balls collected in a day. The only major repercussion I can see coming from this would be the loss of land and life from the collapsing chasm in the Earth, but evacuations beforehand could minimize the damage. If that fails, we still have the Dragon Balls to fix that, too. I'm hoping this gets enough attention to start a petition to the UN. Let me know what you think.
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2021.10.22 17:08 TheRealSvt 1

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2021.10.22 17:08 Fabulous-Monk-669 is it bad to want to buy a nintendo switch just to play acnh?

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2021.10.22 17:08 PossiblyF0XES Robinhood Lobby Boosters

So, I questioned the devs about the system they have in place that assures people get their crowns back when their game bugs out or they get stuck in the map and have to dashboard a while back when they replied to a comment of mine.. They never got back to me because I was then also asking about how it knows whether or not players are just boosting the lobby and leaving purposely. People boosting the lobby, getting cornered, and then dashboarding to save face, get the crowns back they invested in that match so they don't lose everything. Turns out now people are just boosting lobbies for friends and then dashboarding, so it was/is a thing. It would really benefit the game if they just introduced a way to earn boosters/insurance through rewarding gameplay like hitting POIs and such. Boosted lobbies are better in the sense people play differently/try to do better.
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2021.10.22 17:08 TheWrinklyDog Oval line | Nadiah Catechu | Natural dye | Fibrr art | wallhanging by Studionom

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2021.10.22 17:08 i_fuckd_ur_mother I fucking hate art but my family is forcing me to do it

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2021.10.22 17:08 ajzeg01 Really bummed about this, was looking forward to it.

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