Y’all should play doom it’s really fun.

2021.10.22 16:44 koertmans Y’all should play doom it’s really fun.

Or play animal crossing, its about the same.
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2021.10.22 16:44 sflynn346 Which Ravens running back do I want?

View Poll
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2021.10.22 16:44 acworc Day 2

I went from smoking half an ounce of wax a week to cold turkey yesterday. I reached a point where weed was 50/50 going to make me feel level, and making me feel like shit. I wasn't able to cut down before quitting, because I would go through withdrawal if I didn't smoke as much as I could. I'm scared about how bad it's going to get. I've been vomiting for two days already, and all the articles say it's just going to get worse for the first week.
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2021.10.22 16:44 Patatui colouring is for the weak :D (round 3 results in 2nd and 3rd slides || link to the semifinals in the comments

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2021.10.22 16:44 ExtentApprehensive92 8942 0242 0984 and 4283 2634 8403

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2021.10.22 16:44 Bronky81 😍😍😍

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2021.10.22 16:44 corporateballerina Combination Fridays: The Clouds

You voted, and it’s here! Welcome to Combination Fridays, where we discuss combinations of cards! There are many different types of combinations (descriptive, narrative, etc.), more than can be discussed in a basic list, but these are to get your brain thinking. It might be helpful to start a notebook and come up with your own combinations when you think of them. In addition, some of these might not make sense to you, based on your own personal meanings of the cards, while others may click instantly.
Why are combinations so important? Lenormand cards are never meant to be read alone. Unlike tarot cards, their meaning is derived from their relationships to each other. To learn more about reading combinations, you can check out the wiki.
Clouds + Rider: Questioning motives, uncertain news, clearing up confusion, bad news
Clouds + Clover: Avoiding a charmer, doubting your luck, bad luck, misfortune
Clouds + Ship: Storm is coming, doubting a trip, questioning motivation, dangerous journey
Clouds + House: Avoiding family, staying away from hometown, negativity at home, suspiciousness of family, uncomfortable home life
Clouds + Tree: Illness in family genetics, health complications, negative thoughts about health, health problems from smoking, stress and depression
Clouds + Snake: Hiding a rivalry, enemy confusing you, mistrusting women, complicated woman, drama queen, lies
Clouds + Coffin: Difficult illness, questioning endings, suspecting the end is near, major depression, suicidal thoughts
Clouds + Bouquet: Mistrusting a gift, avoiding self-care, doubting your skills, faux pas, surprising depression, general sadness, bad surprise
Clouds + Scythe: Avoiding warning signs, end of confusion, the danger of uncertainty, lacking trust in the medical field, complicated surgery
Clouds + Whip: Avoiding tough discussions, suspicion of criticism, disorganization, negative competition, argument, violence, pattern of bad behavior
Clouds + Birds: Miscommunication, talking behind your back, misinformation, confusing conversations, doubting gossip, lies
Clouds + Child: Doubting new beginnings, small misunderstandings, negative younger people, disappointment at the start, confused child
Clouds + Fox: Avoiding working, gaslighting, unsure of what’s wrong, insecurity at a job, kleptomaniac, taking advantage of confusion, liar
Clouds + Bear: Questioning authority, negative views of authority, bad relationship with parents, avoiding exercise, uncertain authority, big confusion, trouble with your mother
Clouds + Stars: Feeling confused about something obvious, doubting effort, infamous, drug abuse
Clouds + Stork: Hiding a pregnancy, changing your mindset, doubting what’s next, mood swings, dangerous move
Clouds + Dog: Questioning loyalty, avoiding friends, depression in a friend, depression in a friend, depression/confusion in a pet, pets in bad weather
Clouds + Tower: Avoiding people in power, avoiding the office, avoiding the government, self-sabotage
Clouds + Garden: Avoiding social events, dislike of networking, confusion at a social event, doubting your acceptance, emotional tension
Clouds + Mountain: Avoiding your problems, worrying about your problems, becoming a hermit, failure, delays
Clouds + Crossroads: Worrying there’s no other way, not knowing what to do, inability to see other options, doubting your choices, bipolar, of two minds
Clouds + Mice: Negativity that slowly drains you, mental health deteriorating, suspecting a theft, stressful situation, illness
Clouds + Heart: Avoiding intimacy, suspecting infidelity, doubting someone’s love, battle between the heart and the mind, unsure about your true feelings
Clouds + Ring: Doubting commitment, avoiding commitment, confusion about a contract, hiding your investment, confused alliance, stalemate
Clouds + Book: Hidden secrets, questioning an expert, a secret keeps you upset
Clouds + Letter: Weather reports, shady history, confusing email, bad news, confusing news
Clouds + Man: Confused man, moody man, mentally unwell man, smoker, negative man
Clouds + Woman: Confused woman, moody woman, mentally unwell woman, smoker, negative woman
Clouds + Lily: Dementia, avoiding aging, disturbing the peace, bad winter, mentally fragile, suspecting an older person
Clouds + Sun: * Hiding accomplishments, questioning happiness, bad weather, things are getting better, sunlight after the storm*
Clouds + Moon: Questioning intuition, inner fantasy, confusion in dreams, nightmares, obsession, depression
Clouds + Key: Revealing what’s hidden, rain on an important day, avoiding something important, solution found in time
Clouds + Fish: Confusion over finances, alcoholism, insecure cash flow, rocky oceans, questioning your financial investments
Clouds + Anchor: Rain at the beach, doubting security, deep disorder, patience is needed
Clouds + Cross: Avoiding destiny, questioning religion/God, difficult burdens, questioning how much someone is really suffering, tears, grief
What did you think about this week’s combinations? Feel free to add your own feelings on some combinations below!
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2021.10.22 16:44 ChloKins photogenic

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2021.10.22 16:44 Okiekid1870 [WTS] Sig Romeo5 Red Dot (OK)

For sale is a Sig Romeo5. Fired at the indoor range on my 22 only.
$100 shipped.
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2021.10.22 16:44 Wilsonrdt 🚀🚀INTC , buy the dip .!!!! 🚀🚀

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2021.10.22 16:44 Gueezy974 CoinPanel orders

Is anyone else having troubles placing orders through CP? Or is it my laptop lagging or something...🧐
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2021.10.22 16:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: Hackers gained access to former President Donald Trump’s social media platform and posted images of defecating pigs hours after it was announced. https://t.co/UykF9YckhU

@USATODAY: Hackers gained access to former President Donald Trump’s social media platform and posted images of defecating pigs hours after it was announced. https://t.co/UykF9YckhU submitted by Faction_Chief to NoFilterNews [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:44 OkCaregiver1327 New here :)

hi guys, im new here. can i just ask, why is everyone restarting their island for the new update? how does the new update affect their already built island?
I have a new island (bc i just started) so i cant really see it yet. Did i miss something?
Thanks for helping a newbie! :)
My SW is SW-3343-7474-5517
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2021.10.22 16:44 alfonzde10th Can someone help me cum to her or someone else

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2021.10.22 16:44 Least_Company Trading on YOUR suggestions

I have 100k, I’m thinking of making a series where I trades based on wall street suggestions and see if I can beat the s&p500.
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2021.10.22 16:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: A former associate of Rudy Giuliani was convicted of charges for making illegal campaign contributions to influence U.S. politicians and further his business interests. https://t.co/GfXrArvLXi

@USATODAY: A former associate of Rudy Giuliani was convicted of charges for making illegal campaign contributions to influence U.S. politicians and further his business interests. https://t.co/GfXrArvLXi submitted by Faction_Chief to NoFilterNews [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:44 kcipain It ain't too late but I need some templates!

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2021.10.22 16:44 mrshnoog404 27 [M4F] #Alpharetta - looking for some fun. Hispanic/ well endowed

I’m 6 feet tall and work out consistently. I’m looking for someone I can dominate and be rough with. I love tossing someone like a little rag doll. My strength speaks for itself
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2021.10.22 16:44 Psychological_Q280 4KVD .. FIXED!!!

DEVs ...
Thankyou for FIXING this Slow Downloading Speed from YouTube!!
It, may have Taken a Bit, BUT, I, Knew, you wouldn't let US, Down. ALL Fast Speeds are Back & Working PERFECTLY! again Thankyou, you've Done a Great Job, as Expected!
Patience, Does indeed, PAY OFF, in the END! :)
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2021.10.22 16:44 TanksShouldBeTANKY Assassins need to stop getting special treatment

Preseason on the PBE is making me really sad to see assassins receiving special treatment once again. Axiom Arc, First Strike, assassin items getting cheaper. Meanwhile Goredrinker and Conqueror get nerfed because assassins were abusing items and runes meant for tanks and bruisers. I just really wish we could have a season where assassins are actually more niche and not seen as often. Why not just nerf the abusers instead of nerfing the rune and item, oh right because assassins are given special treatment and need to be permanently in the solo Q meta.
When you really think about it assassin kits offer the least counterplay of any champ archetype. 100-0ing someone might be fun for the assassin player but it's not fun for their target and it feels even worse when you have champs like Fizz and Zed tower diving people and getting to ignore proper wave management.
Even if you beat a champ like Katarina in lane she just sacs the lane and roams bot lane for a double kill. It feels like assassins are given special treatment how many patches has Zed been the most banned champ in the game with above a 40% ban rate, yet not a single nerf (yes I realize Yuumi has recently dethroned him but Yuumi just needs straight deleted from league). Samira most banned champ for a few patches and part of her kit removed (rightly so I'm not defending the trash game design that is Samira).
Season 12 I want to see a Mage Tank and ADC meta where assassins are hardly seen it would be a refreshing and welcome change from the past 2 seasons.
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2021.10.22 16:44 Asterion777 FATF Ne Bana Di Jodi..!!

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2021.10.22 16:44 Jimbles_Notronbo_XVI Not sure if I have a problem.

Since about 2019, I really got into playing Minecraft. I’ve never been able to get into any other game. I play a type of Vanilla Anarchy server where players can do whatever they choose to except hack. They can form alliances, grief, steal, kill, build, or do whatever they can imagine. The result is, a player driven economy with many different factions each vying for power. As you can probably imagine I easily got caught up in it all, joining a group and attempting to make it the most powerful. I learnt the PvP meta (crystal pvp) and practice it regularly in addition to constant improvements to my base and occasional wars with other factions. It’s almost like a second life where other players and groups respect me for my abilities and wealth. I’m definitely more respected in that virtual world than I am in reality.
I’m very involved in high school. I am gone most weekends with various extracurricular activities, and on weekdays I get home late from sports. After sports I usually have afternoon play practice, Wednesday night church, or a football game to attend with my friends on Friday nights. The result of this is I’m only able to play games for about 1-2 hours most on weekdays. On weekends if I’m home, I spend most of my time playing, although it’s not a lot of time, with Sunday church and various Saturday activities. Even with such little free time, I’m always drawn to Minecraft in my free time. In fact, the lack of time to play makes me value every minute and get frustrated if something comes up that would take it from me. I rush to get home, and spend most of my free time playing games, even though I don’t have a lot. As a result, I feel rushed and often feel like I just have no time at all. My game almost feels like a commitment, as I’m in a group with other players and don’t want to let them down. I wonder if this is the same as any competitive hobby, or could I have a problem?
I tell myself I don’t have any problem, as I have a relatively strong will, and don’t think I could easily succumb to addiction. I also don’t even have the time to play in excess even if I wanted to. Maybe the amount I do play is excess given the free time I have….
I read on here recently a post about someone who had time to make themselves a full breakfast. This is a thing I haven’t done for a while, and if I did do it, I would feel like I was wasting time that could have been spent gaming. I feel like I would be relieved if I just quit playing, and I would have so much more free time. But if I did quit, I would loose something that I’ve put many hours into, and that I’m very good at. Maybe it is nothing more than an overly competitive hobby? Or maybe I have a problem, what do you thin, Reddit?
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2021.10.22 16:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: Philadelphia 76ers All-Star Ben Simmons is not ready to join the team on the court yet, a person familiar with details told @usatodaysports https://t.co/Av2XEXY134

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2021.10.22 16:44 comomangu Getting together and creating a manifesto

Any other democratic socialists wanna get together and create a manifesto? About democratic socialist policies but also within an American context that also touches on race solidarity and decolonization. We can create a discord together and discuss ideas.
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