Candy clouds above the Kishinev, Republic of Moldova

UNK the , . of and in " a to was is ) ( for as on by he with 's that at from his it an were are which this also be has or : had first one their its new after but who not they have – ; her she ' two been other when there all % during into school time may years more most only over city some world would where later up such used many can state about national out known university united then made ... 743997 de 387240 la 341079 el 307650 . 307650 [liblouis-liblouisxml] Re: List of UEB words. From: Ken Perry <kperry@xxxxxxx>; To: "liblouis-liblouisxml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <liblouis-liblouisxml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>; Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 11:07:12 +0000; Ok I am attaching a list of 99149 words that I created from an old Linux aspell file. The words.txt is the original word list and the words.brf is the converted file from Duxbury UEB. The smooth newt (Lissotriton vulgaris) is widespread in Europe and parts of Asia and is an introduced species in Australia. It is brown with a dark-spotted orange to white underside, with males larger than females. The skin is dry and velvety while the newts live on land but becomes smooth after they migrate into water, when males become more vivid and grow a crest on their back.

2021.10.22 16:44 anastasiamalkoch Candy clouds above the Kishinev, Republic of Moldova

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2021.10.22 16:44 stell240 Cliff Bleszinski donated to my husky's GoFundMe!!

I'm sure he doesn't browse the subreddits of his games and I don't know how else to get in contact with him as you can't direct message commenters on GoFundMe, but I am in absolute awe of his generosity and the fact that he donated at all. I did not reach out to him nor do I have any sort of personal connection to him, and am not even sure how he came across my campaign. But Mr. Bleszinski, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I was not even expecting to meet half of my campaign goal, but his generous donation has completely turned my situation around overnight. My dog is my baby, I would die for him and pay any amount I would have to in order to save his life. I never expected to be met with a bill as high as I received though, and am still battling collection agencies and near personal bankruptcy, but his contribution has made a massive impact in helping my situation and my husky's road to recovery. Thank you again Mr. Bleszinski, you have made an extremely unexpected positive impact in my life, I really can not express how grateful I am. Much love.

- Michael Adam Stellwagen
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2021.10.22 16:44 MindlessExplorer7871 USPS telling me they cannot pick up my packages becase I have too many. Is this normal practice?

So to start off I currently cannot go to the post office due to an injury and I was ordered by the doctor not to drive, otherwise for the past year I have brought all my packages to the post office. I make my living working from home.
I looked it up on the USPS website for pick up and it says "There is no limit to the number of packages that can be picked up. Proper postage must be applied" and it also says this " Package Pickup is a free (regardless of the number of items scheduled for pickup) "
I have 66 packages (all are small and only 0.2 ounces each) that need to be picked up. I made a pick up request. This morning I got a call from my local USPS and they left a voicemail saying I have too many packages so they will only pick up if a pay a $25 fee.
When I made the request online it gave me two options, first was pick up during the route for free or schedule a pick up time for $25. So I picked the free option.
So what do I do here? I have no one who can bring them for me. Do I have to only do a pick up of like 10 packages a day and then get dinged for late shipping since it would take 6 days to get all of them shipped this way. I don't want to pay the $25 as when I look on the website it tells me that its free regardless of how many packages I have, if in the rules it stated I needed to pay then sure I am fine with that.
Is this normal? I watch youtube channel where the seller has 50, 80, 100 packages every single day and they have USPS come drive out and pick them up for free on the daily route, I know as he showed in a video how he does pick up requests and he said he always picks the free option.
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2021.10.22 16:44 Radnacs Este era el Chubi, murio el 10 de Agosto de este año. Era un csm pero apañaba caleta, iba a clases a la U conmigo, andaba en skate conmigo y me ayudaba a jotear minas.

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2021.10.22 16:44 Raibat 30 [M4F] looking for someone to chat with regularly

Blue collar hard working guy get bored sitting at work and lookin for someone to talk to when I have down time.
Interests: Football, videos games(mostly Nintendo related but some PC), Beer, Cigars, Anime and Manga, TV and Movies
In the New Jersey area if that matters to anyone
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2021.10.22 16:44 zzzzxxxxeeee How do I raise rent on my tenant?

I have a property rented out to my tenant who has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We agreed to $1,500 per month in 2019. Similar houses around the area are being rented for almost $800-1,000 more now. Properties right next door are $2,200 a month.
What should I do in this situation? I was thinking of increasing it by $2-300. Other folks are telling me the market has changed and to increase it by $6-700 which I do not want to do since I’m not hurting for money.
Can anyone offer some advice here?
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2021.10.22 16:44 FF-0X Smith and Wesson 327 R8 or TRR8

I’m currently on the search for the 327 R8 or the TRR8. I’m new to the online searching. Anyone have any suggestions? Or perhaps know any good FFLs that would assist me in acquiring one?
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2021.10.22 16:44 SR_capostone2001 Foes are losing ground, retreating to the sound Death is in the air

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2021.10.22 16:44 Leyxner 15 days later after my post where i get this Ezreal skin i did a cool no look R is not much, but honest work

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2021.10.22 16:44 Apprehensive-Force61 The Real Truth About Psychics

The real truth is that we are all psychic. Every single one of us has the ability to ‘read’ people. How many people do you know have a story of a six sense moment?
This is because every single moment is sending you a signal/warning and even better yet a MESSAGE of ADVICE. Where do you think a train of thought comes from? It comes to you for a specific reason and the answer is always right there in front of you if you slow down to LISTEN.
The last month of my life i have had my third eye awakened and i can tell your right now every Psychic on earth is simply LISTENING to what it tells them. The third eye is that strong i can look through it and it will assist me in how to format this paragraph.
Have you ever noticed when people are thinking of a word to find they stare off blankly into the distance and aren’t really looking at anything specifically? That is because in that moment they looked through their third eye and all of a sudden the thought ‘popped’ into their head, like magic right?
Next time you are watching your favourite TV show turn your phone off and as soon as your mind starts to wonder notice the next scene that comes onto the TV. Relate that back to your train of thought and the universe just sent you a message. Use it wisely.
If this picks up traction i am happy to let you know the biggest STIMULANT for engaging your third eye and its probably playing in the background as you read this.
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2021.10.22 16:44 daymon_warren Found a way to use alpha channels in LumaFusion. Using M1 MacBook. I’m currently using the MacBook Air M1 2020 an alpha channels work great. hope it helps

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2021.10.22 16:44 CloseThePodBayDoors Hearing Benzy Chucky Grossly Inept, gone for two days, having life threatening hemorrhoids removed, thing is ....

if they remove those , there aint much left.
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2021.10.22 16:44 BlitzMalefitz Using Caves and Cliffs experimental on Realms

I added my caves and cliffs world to my realm and there are now random mountains and water pillars everywhere. Is this something I'm gonna have to wait for the full release of caves and cliffs for it to work on realms?
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2021.10.22 16:44 Tilopud_rye Seeking last minute ticket

Hey I’m in LA and looking to go to edc solo. I’m seeing posts about passes being basically given away- I love insomniac events and haven’t been to edc yet. Are there any good leads towards these discount passes? I may not head out til Saturday night after the Venice Afterburn. Thanks for any advice!
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2021.10.22 16:44 AnotherRobsad Tactical Breach recruiting [20+, NA and EU, realism, cqb]

Tactical Breach is a LEO-focused clan born in 2020 that is currently active in Ground Branch and Swat 4 sef. We are now a growing community that enjoys playing tactical shooters using cqb training and realism is our main focus (some of us are in law enforcement or military in real life).
Due to time constraints and some people leaving the clan after training, we don't provide training for the uninitiated. We jump right into action.
Events take place at 5-6 pm EST or around that time. Events include PvE and PvP scenarios.
We have roles for everyone (operator, team leader, atl) and we use color coded callsigns in GB.
If you're interested, you can fill an application form in our Discord here:
Requirements to join:

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2021.10.22 16:44 3dsp1415926535 Get some paper ready to note the very long list of similarities to Fenn stories when you watch (& study background on i.e. Wikipedia) these classic movies: One Foot in Heaven -- and -- The Constant Nymph

Not a movie buff, but I have watched some of the Fenn hinted movies: Hitchcock's The 39 Steps, & a couple of early M.C. Cooper movies: The Four Feathers & Ace of Aces which are both incorporated in Fenn stories. A list of his films are on Wikipedia page. Likely, you have already seen many of his movies.
The M.C. Cooper link is besides the link to Victor Fleming, director of hit movies Wizard of Oz & Gone with the Wind. Fenn heavily hinted at Oz & directly incorporated "Oz" in the W GPS while suggesting the other w/ his dream to rise to the heavens to eternally Dance with the Stars.
This I have known since January 2020 when I unraveled the exact spot -- w/ the date to rise -- 7/9.
It was days ago that I stumbled upon 2 movies shown back-to-back on TCM & was stunned at the lengthy list of hints toward Fenn stories so I knew to chase down the hints, the threads of similar words, names, concepts, or images. Those pulled threads are what I shared these last few days.
I believe they both influenced his creative writing short stories & invite all to evaluate them for yourself.
One Foot in Heaven is based on a true story of a young medical student who made a career change & marries Hope. It follows them through decades.
The Constant Nymph is based on a novel by Margaret Kennedy about a May-December love triangle, musicians, & genius, literally presented by Love.
The central theme, a poetic composition titled Tomorrow by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, is also below, the lyrics were altered for the movie so will be different than a score you might locate, as I did. Wikipedia has a lengthy Plot (which is unusual so I suspect it may be planted)
These are my notes from the movies, One Foot in Heaven and The Constant Nymph:
One Foot in Heaven Iowa--through Kansas--to Colorado
Sioux City / Ft Dodge / Denver
train (rails) begins journey: Canada to Laketon IA
Dr Spencer changed career from medicine to ministry
wealthy wife, Hope, now poor as a church mouse "bore role of preacher's wife w/ the serenity of a Madonna"
Fire destroys parsonage
War & Military service
Quotes (game) while other kids play outside -- children must set an example
Movies -- first against as a bad influence, but learned they can teach lessons too -- Silent movie featured: "The Silent Man"
Heart-shaped cookies cut by little Frazer
9 holes in parsonage roof w/ "19, no, 20 leaks"
Butterflies in shadow boxes on wall next to attic door
Plans to build a new church & then a parsonage
drank cup of tea (a special box) in carriage house apartment w/ gardenedriver of church's wealthiest member--Mrs Sandow became enraged at Dr Spence for ministering to her employee & quit
-- "cannot see the forest for the trees"
Later, she returns & insists in funding expensive pieces to sanctuary that were cut to also build Rec Center-- Tree of Jesse stained glass window, pipe organ, & Bells
1 Chron 14,15 -- instruction to build a tent over the ark / tree marking grave (Nymph) / Thor's hammer -- similar images
Twins - identical twins in choir
Children's choir -- sings "guide my steps to heaven"
--to sing for summer, will give adult choir 1st vacation in 13 yrs, by resounding approval by parishioners
eldest son, Hartzell wrongly accused & expelled from a lie Dorothy Leadbetter spread in retaliation for putting choir on vacation (replacing)
flute (piper)
New Church built w/ Rec Center / renewal & youthfulness / outreach to community
Bells -- carillons played Our Church's One Foundation w/ public singing to end
One Foot in Heaven - Wikipedia
One Foot in Heaven One Foot in Heaven is a 1941 American biographical film starring Fredric March, Martha Scott, Beulah Bondi, Gene Lockhart and Elisabeth Fraser. The film was adapted by Casey Robinson from the autobiography by Hartzell Spence. It was directed by Irving Rapper.
It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.[3]
In Stratford, Ontario, in 1904, William Spence (Fredric March), a medical student on the verge of becoming a doctor, receives "The Call" while passing a Methodist church one Sunday. His bride-to-be, Hope Morris (Martha Scott), accepts his decision to enter the ministry) with a whole heart despite the disappointment of her prominent and affluent parents.
Will "dives right in," but, with no vacancies in Canada, is posted as a circuit minister to a small town in rural Iowa, beginning a life for them of frequent moves around the district, dingy parsonages, and scraping a living from poor boxes and performing weddings. Hope yearns for a decent parsonage and a sense of permanence for their children, but uncomplainingly provides them a good life and a supportive home for Will.
For his part, Will understands his own nature and laughs at his own foibles, bending where he can in good conscience. He often enters situations in anger or to instruct but leaves humbled and renewed in spirit. While Will sincerely lives by and teaches by example (which includes his family) the tenets of the Methodist Discipline), he also learns from his congregations to be flexible and change with the times.
When their third child, a boy, is born, Hope and Will cannot agree on a name and he remains unbaptized for three months. Hope wants to name the baby William Spence Jr., but Will does not like the idea of his son going without a middle name as he did. He wants the boy to have and be called in "the good old Canadian custom" by the middle name of Frazer. Will seems to give in to Hope but the following Sunday baptizes him William Frazer Spence. Hope serenely accepts the change.
Oldest son Hartzell (named for Will's guiding bishop) has a hard time coping with the idea that a minister's son should be an example to the other boys. Will explains that "a pastor's family walks a tightrope, balancing with one foot on earth and one foot already in Heaven." After learning that Hartzell has been sneaking into the movies, a pastime seemingly forbidden by the Discipline, Will takes him to the theater to point out why the film is bad for him. They see a western) but rather than finding it sinful, Will is impressed by its moral. The following Sunday he preaches a sermon advising his congregation that young people may have something to teach their elders.
In the 1920s, the family is assigned to a church in Denver, Colorado, that, despite having many well-heeled members, is old, uncomfortable and decrepit. In a time of economic prosperity for the country, the Spences cope with possibly their most dilapidated parsonage yet. Will has come to appreciate his wife's serenity with life and resolves to provide her a decent parsonage by building a new church.
His plans at first are thwarted by power struggles among several snobbish members of the church. He loses one wealthy patron, Mrs. Sandow (Beulah Bondi), to the Baptists when he refuses to stop ministering to her chauffeur (Harry Davenport)), and another, influential banker Preston Thurston (Gene Lockhart), after organizing a children's choir to replace the off-key church choir, run for years by Mrs. Thurston (Laura Hope Crews), her family and social circle. Soon after, Hartzell (Frankie Thomas) is expelled from school because of a gossip campaign falsely accusing him of making a young girl pregnant and forcing her family to move to San Francisco.
A deeply discouraged Will investigates a job offer in California that offers the beautiful church and parsonage he and Hope have always dreamed of but discovers that he cannot surrender in his struggles with the Thurstons. He seeks out the girl's family and learns that there is no truth to any part of the rumor. Returning to Denver, Will confronts Mrs. Thurston and her circle, who started the rumors to punish Will, and suggests that if they don't contribute substantially to the building of the new church, he will call them out in his sermons.
A repentant Mrs. Sandow begs to return to the church and Will inveigles from her the stained glass window, new Skinner organ, and carillon that as luxuries are being cut from the plans to finance a recreation center for the church. A year later, their dream church and parsonage finished, Will accepts the challenge of returning to Iowa to aid a small church in trouble, confident that he leaves behind a revitalized church when its members, including all those with whom he locked horns, gather spontaneously on a weekday morning to sing "The Church's One Foundation" as he plays it on the new carillon.
· Fredric March as William Spence
· Martha Scott as Hope Morris Spence
· Beulah Bondi as Mrs. Lydia Sandow
· Gene Lockhart as Preston Thurston
· Elisabeth Fraser as Eileen Spence (aged 17)
· Harry Davenport) as Elias Samson
· Laura Hope Crews as Mrs. Preston Thurston
· Grant Mitchell) as Clayton Potter
· Moroni Olsen as Dr. John Romer
· Frankie Thomas as Hartzell Spence (aged 18)
· Jerome Cowan as Dr. Horrigan
· Ernest Cossart as Mr. John E. Morris
· Nana Bryant as Mrs. Morris
· Hobart Bosworth as Richard Hardy Case (uncredited)
· Chester Conklin as Crying Man (uncredited)
· Jack Mower as Man at Baptism (uncredited)

The film was received quite warmly both theatrically and critically, the New York Times calling it "a Fine and Human Story of a Minister's Life".[4][5]
Radio adaptation
On April 20, 1942, Lux Radio Theatre presented a 45-minute adaptation of One Foot in Heaven, with Fredric March and Martha Scott reprising their original roles.[6] This program was fifteen minutes shorter than the usual 60 minutes in order to make room for a 15-minute government broadcast explaining upcoming World War II-related price controls.[7][8]
Olivia de Havilland was originally scheduled for the role of Hope Spence, but was moved over to star opposite Errol Flynn in They Died with Their Boots On.[9]
Raymond Massey was Hartzell Spence's choice to play his father[10] while his mother preferred Fredric March. The studio's decision to cast March was made independently of the family's wishes.
The Reverend Norman Vincent Peale was hired as a technical advisor on the film.[9]
The film which Spence goes to see with Hartzell is William S. Hart's 1917 Western The Silent Man).[11] At the Hollywood premiere of the film, Hart was a guest of honor.[12]

The Constant Nymph clouds
Sanger family -- father played by actor Love, genius composer w/ 4 daughters
daughter Tessa / tessellations / connectiveness / dimensions of knowing or seeing / Escher art style / definition: A tessellation or tiling of a flat surface is the covering of a plane using one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps. In mathematics, tessellations can be generalized to higher dimensions and a variety of geometries. A periodic tiling has a repeating pattern.
Dodd -- composer & family friend wrote song for girls that is the thread through the movie
Oh, Danny Boy in background
dirty face; riding horses w/ best friend in rain
Roberto -- "why the 'O'? -- bc it's Spanish"
"come to lay my bones among you"
Capt Turtle -- children's stories discussed (Fenn replaced turtle w/ frog)
composition description: he hid tune under mathematics -- his banging on keys
4 doz roses
patience -- noted offense taken from description / thread to play of same name for reason
monocle glasses -- 1 eye
"Lewis (Dodd) is tired, very tired"
hammering -- "don't want . . . to bolt"
grand staircase in mansion
heavy & frequent smoking
symphony plays arrangement "Tomorrow"
Tessa has so much wisdom--yet a teenager
ember in fireplace ignites a flame
Clouds / rise in death from fire in home to heavens
"Tomorrow" by Erich Wolfgang Korngold -- a poetic song from movie "The Constant Nymph" (1943)

Movie Lyrics of tune as introduced first:
When I am dead, the birds will stop their singing, When I am cold, no sun will ever rise. No more, no more, the joyful days of springing, Shall rest his eyes, or save a soul.
When I am in my grave, the flowers blowing, Shall mainly gone, t’where time has swayed. Beauty will live, though I must sleep unknowing, Beneath a tree, beneath a tree.
continued as Symphonic Poetic version at ending
When I am dead, another love will cheer thee. A sun will rise, a bright tomorrow morn. The birds will sing, though I no longer near thee, Must lie forlorn, must lie forlorn.
When I am in my grave, the flowers blowing, Shall make you garlands, twenty times as sweet. Beauty will live, though I must sleep unknowing, Beneath thy feet, beneath thy feet.
Poetic words recited by Tessa to Lewis at top of hill sitting under the grave tree w/ roof marker following introduction of song Tomorrow
I have tonight a quiet desire to die, I have no tired-of exit note to leave, Oh, in this moon-cut earth to lie, Oh, if they would not grieve, I have to let it be a quiet desire. [as best as I could discern]
The Constant Nymph (1943 film) - Wikipedia)
Lewis Dodd is a poor, charming and self-centered Belgian composer whose latest symphony has flopped in London. Seeking new inspiration, and to escape his critics and the demands of his landlord, he accepts an invitation to go to Switzerland to stay at the slightly run-down mountain home of friend and mentor, composer and genius Albert Sanger and his latest wife, Lina. Lewis has known Sanger's four young daughters – Kate, Toni, Tessa and Paula – since they were babies. All have had crushes on him, and all are accomplished musicians. Although he sees Tessa as a little girl, a “graceless little baggage” she believes that someday, when she is old enough, he will recognize the depth of her love.
The family gives Lewis a dizzyingly merry welcome: The girls scamper everywhere, and some worry about Tessaʼs “spells” but Tessa is consumed with worry about Lewisʼs music, a concern her father shares. Sanger tells her there is no blood in Lewis’ music. The man needs to suffer: If he never really cried he could never really be great.
Lewis brings with him a new work, a poem called “Tomorrow,” which he has written out for the Sanger girls to play. (This is the musical theme that underlies the entire film.) Sanger himself is far more pleased with this “trifle” than with Lewis’s noisy modernist symphony.
The elderly and hard-drinking Sanger suddenly dies. One of his last acts is to begin an orchestration of Lewis’s “little tune” as a symphonic poem.
Lina leaves and, per Sanger’s instructions, Lewis sends to England for Charles Creighton, Sanger's wealthy brother-in-law (the uncle of Tessa and Paula), and Creighton’s adult daughter, Florence, to help the children, as Sanger had very little money to leave them. Kate leaves for Milan, to study there, Toni marries Fritz and Lewis falls in love with the beautiful and sophisticated Florence and quickly asks her to marry him. Tessa collapses at the news. Only Paula understands.
In London, 6 months later, Florence and Lewis, with the Sangerʼs faithful servant Roberto, are living in her father‘s magnificent townhouse. Tessa and Paula theoretically live there too, but Florence has packed them off to boarding school. Florence is readying the house for a musical reception introducing her husband to her circle of friends. Lewis’ reticence has made him a mystery to everyone. They fight, clearly not for the first time, and her father doesn’t understand why they can’t keep it between themselves. He tells Lewis that he was the first and only man in Florence’s life. Florence angers Lewis by trying to promote and manage his social and professional activities while he values his independence, and her lack of understanding when it comes to music is a growing barrier between them.
Tessa and Paula write from boarding school, which they find unbearable. A telegram immediately follows, announcing that the girls have run away. Lewis is very worried, and Florence dismisses his concerns, much as she has downplayed the diagnosis of Tessa’s fainting as a valvular lesion on her heart.
The reception is underway when Lewis returns home, having put Scotland Yard on the track of the girls. Toni and Fritz arrive (Florence did not think they would come all the way from France and Lewis takes them upstairs to talk. Roberto stops them to let them know that the girls are safe and have been hiding in Lewis’s studio above the garage. Toni announces her pregnancy and offers to take Paula back with them to France. Florence comes into Lewis’s bedroom to witness the reunion.
Lewis performs “Tomorrow” as a duet for two pianos, with a noted pianist (engaged by Florence) on the second instrument. The girls listen to the cacophony on the staircase. Only the opening bars are recognizable. Tessa says that it is brilliant but there is no feeling and tells Paula what their father said about Lewis: that he could be great if he could only cry. Then, devastated by the change in the music and her awareness that he is now gone from them in every way, Tessa weeps.
The next day, after seeing Paula off to live with Toni and Fritz, an ebullient Tessa dashes into the studio. She starts to tell Lewis what her father would have thought of the previous night’s performance, and then Florence comes in, full of enthusiasm. “Very loud, very defiant and very aggressive and I suppose some people would pretend to like it even if they didn't understand it. Did Tessa understand it? Unfortunately no, and she doesn't think Lewis did either. Lewis has taken the beautiful melodic line and buried it under a lot of mathematics and racket “bankety bang.”
Florence is horrified that he is even considering changes at this late date. The concert is only a few weeks away. Lewis asks Florence to leave him to think, but he also wants Tessa to stay and help him remember the original plan. She stands at the piano and lightly plays a few bars of the original melody. Lewis sits down and plays richer chords. “Lewis, that's it!” Tessa exclaims.
Weeks later, it is the day of the concert. Toni is in labor, and Fritz goes to the florist with Tessa. She buys a buttonhole for Lewis, and with the best of intentions, concocts a scheme for Fritz to send flowers to Florence in Lewis’s name. (Lewis has never done such a thing.) At the house, her uncle summons her to pour him tea and she has a “stitch”, the first of several during this last part of the film. She shows him her new, long white organdy dress, sent by Toni and Fritz, saying she won’t look “such a child” in it. Her uncle addresses her as “young woman.” He at least has some idea of what is going on.
Tessa is still a gawky schoolgirl to Lewis and everyone else, but Florence is ridden with jealousy, jealousy of the Sangers’ long friendship and the profound language of music which she cannot share as well as the possibility of a romance. Lewis has told her that he is thinking of going away after the concert, Florence assumes he is plotting with Tessa. When Tessa runs to get Lewis and Fritz for tea, Florence breaks down and unburdens herself to her father, who warns her not to push Lewis and Tessa into each other’s arms.
The flowers arrive; Fritz forgot to tell Lewis about them and they are almost the last straw for Florence. The last straw comes when Tessa tells Fritz that he won’t recognize the concert tonight because it has a little heart in it now. Florence stalks from the room.
Tessa sincerely wants to know what is wrong with Florence and asks Lewis, who says she is “unaccountable.” When Lewis, smiling, asks Tessa if she is disturbed about him, she suddenly sobs in agony “Of course I am!” and Lewis’ eyes are opened. In a long, hurried conversation, they confess their feelings for one another. Tessa had promised herself to him in her heart so very long ago. Why didn’t he wait [for her to grow up]? But she will not let him kiss her. He belongs to Florence. She will not be a traitor.
Later that evening, as he is dressing, Lewis tells Florence that he is leaving after the concert. She begs for another chance; she will do anything he asks her. Knowing he will reject her, she tells him not to speak now. She will wait while he is gone. He talks to her about Tessa; he wants them to be good friends while he is gone; Tessa deserves to be loved. Under her questioning he explains that when he married her he saw no one but her, but admits the paradox that he loves Tessa and has always done so. He tells her that Tessa will have none of him. Florence, furious, believes he is lying and that he and Tessa have been lovers.
Florence then goes to Tessa with a bottle of smelling salts (Tessa has just had a fainting spell) to tell her she cannot go to the concert. She might have palpitations and cause a scene. Tessa is full of plans to move away to Paris and live with Toni and Paula and Fritz—and never see Lewis again. Florence bitterly confronts the girl and accuses her of deliberately setting out to steal Lewis—and succeeding. Tessa is appalled, and loudly proclaims her innocence. She makes things worse. When Florence says “You don’t know what love means, Tessa wistfully replies “Yes I do. I know all about it.” Florence explodes, screaming “What do you mean ?” and seizes her by the shoulders. Tessa screams and collapses. Florence slowly helps her to her feet and, as if nothing had happened, gives her the smelling salts and leaves the room. Lewis comes in, and Tessa tells him she will stay home from the concert, painting an amusing picture of staid old gentlemen falling all over themselves to help her.
Tessa sends him to his music and he kisses her on her forehead. He leaves behind the boutonnière and she wonders aloud how to get it to him: She must be leaving that night. The concert begins and the action moves back and forth onscreen as the entire composition is played through.
Tessa is packed and wearing her school uniform. Roberto gets her something to eat and she stops to listen to the radio broadcast of the performance.
She imagines meeting Lewis near the Swiss house and talking of their love. She tells him that she has loved him since before she was born, and remembers her father saying that if Lewis could only suffer, it would make all the difference. The soloist sings and the words frighten her. Back in the study, as the soloist sings a song of love, death and beauty, Tessa falls to the floor clutching the flower she had planned for Lewis’ buttonhole and dies.
Feeling that something is wrong, Lewis rushes home early. He looks in Tessa’s room but it is empty. He asks Roberto where Tessa is, and he gestures toward the study. Florence, who followed him from the concert, pulls him aside and apologizes for everything: The music helped her to understand. She loves Lewis and wants him to be happy. The others return (the concert was a huge success).
Lewis goes into the study, where Roberto stands, waiting, in the room he has made ready. Smiling, Lewis asks: Is she asleep? Yes. Is that her bag? Yes. Casually, he tucks the flower in his buttonhole. Is she going away? Yes. Did she hear the concert on the radio? Yes. He walks to end of the sofa, where he can see Tessa’s body lying there. Roberto, overcome, leaves the room. Lewis calls her name and embraces her, his face wet with tears. The music climaxes as the log in the fireplace seems to spark, then flame, and then dissolves into a brilliant sky.
· Charles Boyer as Lewis Dodd
· Joan Fontaine as Tessa Sanger
· Alexis Smith as Florence Creighton
· Brenda Marshall as Toni Sanger
· Charles Coburn as Charles Creighton
· May Whitty as Lady Longborough
· Peter Lorre as Fritz Bercovy
· Joyce Reynolds) as Paula Sanger
· Jean Muir) as Kate Sanger
· Montagu Love as Albert Sanger
· Eduardo Ciannelli as Roberto
· Janine Crispin as Marie
· Doris Lloyd as Miss Hamilton
· Joan Blair as Lina
· André Charlot as Dr. Renee
· David Clyde as Florist
· George Kirby as Moving Man
· Brandon Hurst as Minor Role (uncredited)

Music Erich Wolfgang Korngold composed the music for The Constant Nymph. The symphonic poem Tomorrow, which was given a complete performance in the film, became Opus 33 in the roster of his works. It first was performed in concert in 1944.
Fontaine was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress.[4]#cite_note-4)
According to Warner Bros. records, the film earned $1,833,000 in the U.S. and $1,619,000 in other markets.[2]#cite_note-warners-2)
The will of Margaret Kennedy stated that the film could be shown only at universities and museums after its original theatrical run ended. As a result, the film was unavailable for exhibition for nearly 70 years. The film received its first authorized public screening in decades as part of the 2011 Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival.[5]#citenote-5)[[6]](
Edmund Goulding's biographer Matthew Kennedy) wrote that Joan Fontaine spoke "rapturously" of The Constant Nymph: "She was nominated for a best actress Oscar for it, and it remains a personal favorite of hers."[7]#cite_note-7)
The film was released on DVD under the Warner Archive Collection label on 22 November 2011.[8]#cite_note-8)
Radio adaptation
The Constant Nymph was presented on Hollywood Players December 17, 1946. Fontaine reprised her role from the film.[9]#cite_note-9)
See also
· The Constant Nymph (novel))
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