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Sorry for my ignorance but I went for a cavity filling for the first time in my life this morning. My dentist filled it and I saw her cure it with a UV light. I had trouble understanding her instructions afterwards because she has a very heavy accent. When I looked at my tooth in the car they had silvegrey colored filling. I went home and waited about an hour and a half and ate a small bite of food. Now when I look at the area of the filling there is no more silver color and it just looks white. Did I swallow the entire filling? I have no idea what specific type she used on my tooth. Thanks
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My family and I (with the exception of my brother since he got the Moderna vaccine in a neighboring city) got vaccinated. A family friend and an INC member told my dad that if we want to get vaccinated we can just to the Kapilya since there is an ongoing Covid vaccinations going on and it's free for INC members ONLY.
The problem is our city have this mobile application wherein you have to register and wait for your slot for Covid vaccination. I registered my whole family 5-6 months ago so we could get vaccinated and not one of us got a reply/confirmation for said slots lol (what a fucking joke). And I thought the INC church paid for the vaccines and the administering healthworkers for the vaccination events for its members/brethrens but to my surprise it wasn't the case. The forms that we filled up all have the logos of the city's LGUs, the mayor's, and the logo of the mobile app. The healthworkers also have t-shirts that showed that they are obviously employed and from the government. Why the hell the INC get to have 1,500 free vaccines for its members which is obviously funded by the government/city's municipality? My city's mobile app for covid registration strictly says that the vaccine is for first come first serve basis and people with comorbidities are prioritized. Also my baranggay still have an atleast 80-95% of unvaccinated individuals/ what is the baranggay and the municipality thinking when they gave out the 1500 covid vaccine for the INC? What in the actual fuck.
*My dad is a "balik-loob" INC member. The rest of us are still in INC but we've been inactive for almost 2 years excluding my dad.
*My sibling is part of an INC group chat for our local church, she muted/put the group chat in ignored list. Told her to check if the group chat have an announcement for the free vaccination before we actually go to the church, turned out they really did have an announcement for it and the overseer in our area just decided to conveniently left out my family for the news (well he did express his distaste when we told him we won't be attending anymore "pagsamba and other events" anymore 2 years ago...).

-my english is not the best so please excuse if I made any grammar mistakes. Thank you.
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Prices are shipped.
Put these around your shaft
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Basically I'm going to be buying a cheap junker laptop just to run OBS and record 720p video from a USB capture card; what should I be looking for in terms of specs?
Not streaming, just recording.
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2021.10.22 15:20 WaitingForTheStop My attempt at a continuation before we were aware of part two

Found something that I initially started write after my first run through of The Last Of Us and the left behind DLC see in roughly 2015 maybe 2014 I can't remember it's not finished and I don't think it ever will be and most of it was written before the sequel was even announced. Dina was added in towards the end once her character was named after one of the trailers for part 2 before that Ellie's roommate was just some random no consequence type character no I just have to find the other chapters somewhere
This happened all too often for Joel's liking..He'd looked for her everywhere: each nook and cranny of Tommy's compound. Rarely finding the teen in the same place twice.
Why'd he have to make this place so huge? Joel thought to himself. Cursing his brother under his breath while making his way down the third floor corridor of housing block D, checking in all the rooms as he went.
He'd searched all the spots that he figured she might stow herself away and still not been able to find her. So now he was really worried, as a result he had been reduced to hunting in areas she would not normally take off to. These would be obvious hiding places for any other adolescent female but not for Ellie.
Oh no, she preferred to pick the most obscure hideaway as was humanly possible. Joel knew that this next one was a long shot but it was worth a try, right?
Ellie's bedroom..
As he approached her door he noticed that it was slightly ajar. He took this opportunity to peer in on her. To attempt to assess the situation. Plus it's not often that he had gotten to see the 14 year-old completely unguarded.
Ellie is currently sat on her bed looking down at something in her hands, something small. She does nothing but stare at the object which she's grasping. Then Joel sees it. A single teardrop slowly trickling down the brunette's cheek. The older man's heart starts to squeeze uncomfortably in sympathy for the little fighter. Whilst still oblivious to Joel's presence Ellie says something that breaks his heart further still.
"I love you." The young girls' voice dripping with sadness.
Not being able to witness such sorrow for a minute longer, Joel makes his presence known by wrapping his knuckles on the door three times. Ellie is noticeably startled by the sound. She jumps a little then sniffs and wipes her face with the back of her hand.
"Oh sorry kiddo, didn't mean to spook ya." He apologises as he moves properly into Ellie's sleeping quarters. Crouching down in front of her so he can see her better.
She shrugs by way of a reply.
He's not used to her being so quiet. Normally she'd at least have some sort of smart comeback or just generally talk his ear off about something random but not recently. She's seems to have retreated into herself. Joel hates seeing her so obviously hurt. He tries again to get her talking. "I've been lookin' all over this Dam place for you and you choose today to go with the 'easiest' place to sneak off to?" He asks while smiling at himself for making a pun...Of sorts. At least it made Ellie smile and release a watery laugh.
"Okay first, that was sooo bad." She scolds mildly. "But I appreciate the effort. And second, I'm sorry." She finishes with a heavy sigh, looking back down at the contents of her hands.
Joel speaks again but brings up the subject of what Ellie is clutching tentatively, not wanting to cross a line. "Don't be, found ya now." He smiles warmly at her and continues. "What's this you got?" He asks, covering the girls' hands with his own.
Ellie locks eyes with the man that she respects enormously. Trying to convey the significance of the item, perhaps not trusting her own voice to hold steady if she were to speak. Without breaking visual contact she parts her coupled fingers so that what she is holding can be transferred into Joel's palms.
Joel retracts his hands from Ellie's. Now cupping the thing that had Ellie transfixed moments earlier. He inspects it closely and with care. It appears to be a Firefly pendent.
Once realisation hits Joel his eyes snap straight back to Ellie's and she's sounds so vulnerable. "Riley's..." She supplies even though there's no need, in a whisper. The man before her gives her a nod and squeezes her now nervously bouncing knee.
"She gave this to you then?" He questions further. Hoping that he can keep her talking but also not wanting to probe too far. Joel knew very little about Ellie's and Riley's relationship, mostly due to Ellie's reluctance to share. He was however, abundantly aware that the duo cared deeply for each other. That was always clearly evident.
"Nah, I just kept it...Y'know after she l-left." Ellie answers quietly, struggling to keep her voice from faltering. To Joel's surprise she carries on. "I get that it's kinda stupid but it's like the only thing I have that reminds me of her. Well, this and a photo." Ellie shifts forward a little on her bed. She then reaches under the mattress and brings a Polaroid picture of herself and Riley into view. It's the same one that used to be stuck to her doormatory wall at the school back in the Boston Quarantine Zone.
"Here." She says, passing the faded image to the 40 year-old surviver.
"So, this is her huh? This is THEE Riley Abel?" He 'queries', grinning so broadly that it's a miracle his cheekbones don't crack.
Ellie confirms his 'question', brimming with just as much glee. "The one and only. She could be like you sometimes. She would always be able to think real quick and know what our best route was gonna be. You know Joel..." She stops mid-thought fisting the bedsheets beneath her in a sudden display of frustration. "Fuck, she's dead. Dead because of me!" Rising to her feet; she starts to pace but is soon to halt as Joel is obscuring her path.
The man that could easily be considered the closest thing to a father figure this girl has ever had is quick in his attempt to dispel such an abhorrent notion. "Ellie." His voice gently warning her not to retrace her footsteps back down this treacherous path. He reaches up and captures a small, pale hand. "This isn't-"
And right on cue. "Don't tell me that this isn't on me, okay?! Just fucking don't!" Ellie's tone is pretty close to being classified hysterical. "Do you know how my best friend came to be bitten, huh?!" This question is obviously rhetorical because the fiery, former shiv-wielding girl barely pauses for breath. "Riley was saving me! I fell and...AND! Some mother-fucking Runner pounced on me! She shot the dick in the side of his head! Argh! Jesus Joel! Right there, as she was pushing the body off of me another one grabbed her from behind." Ellie's chest's now rising and falling at an almost impossibly rapid rate. "I rose to my feet as quickly as possible...She was dragged backwards. Then the asshole, he nearly had her pinned against the wall." She breaks for longer this time, sinking to the ground and coming to rest on her knees, facing Joel and panting. Ellie hadn't ever thought about the events of that horrific day in their entirety before. Usually she'd have tiny moments akin to this one. Fragments would appear, flashes and evaporate not allowing her brain to digest it. The gravity of the predicament was definitely weighing heavily on her shoulders.
Once she catches her breath she tells the end of the story or the beginning, depending upon ones’ point of view. "Sprinting across the space between me and her, I leapt on the dude's back. Ripping my knife from one end of it's throat to the other. I then let the limp sack of infected blood and bones drop away from me. Riley was sitting with her back supported by a high-walled flowerbed. She spotted it before me." Ellie shakes her head and Joel pulls her closer to him. Wrapping her in his fiercely protective hold as she begins to wail. "I want her back here, I need her back!!"
Oh baby girl, I know. I got you kiddo. Let it out." Joel is rocking the emotionally fraught youngster continually to try and give Ellie some much needed comfort.
"Her hand Joel! Her fucking hand! In the centre, it was minute, so small. That bastard! if I had been two seconds faster she would've been here with us." Another wave of tears sweeps over her. Washing her current train of thought away. And Joel, as ever is there to ride it out with her.
When the latest round of sobbing has ceased Ellie pulls her head back to look at Joel. And he honestly cannot remember her saying this one word so sweetly "Joel..."
It sounds as if, just for a second, she is going to expand on that single word but if she was planning to Joel stops her. With a soft, enquiring tone of voice." What honey?" His Texan accent shining through.
Before she speaks again, Ellie gulps loudly. It sounds painful. "We had to. We didn't have any other choice, well we did but y'know.." Ellie does not hear Joel's reply. She feels it instead. He's nodding his head again.
Ellie bravely soldiers on. "So, we exit the mall and head for Marlene. On our way Riley actually tried to argue with me about going back to the Fireflies. I swear Joel, if I could have known what they'd do... I wouldn't have even contemplated seeking out the Queen Firefly. Pfft!" She's clearly very uncomfortable by the simple act of recalling this particular memory. "Fucking liars." As that statement leaves her mouth, a massive shiver travels down her spinal cord.
The now 'retired' smuggler subconsciously tugs Ellie even closer still, trying to replenish some of the heat that's escaped her body. The brunette responds instantaneously by snuggling herself against his chest. His heartbeat is a source of steady and reliable reassurance.
Joel certainly didn't expect Ellie's next question. "Do you know what happens when someone reports suspected signs of the Cordyceps? She scoffs and then explains through gritted teeth. "Infection Control show up, acting like a freaking S.W.A.T. team And y'know what they do?!" Any remaining concerns Joel had regarding heat loss can be easily put to rest. He can practically feel the girls' boiling blood.
Seething, Ellie is spitting out each word as she lists the standard protocol. Speaking as if she's reciting it from memory. "First, the suspected virus carrier and/or carriers must be placed in isolation. This is an essential step, as it assists in the prevention of spreading spores to otherwise healthy persons. Secondly, the suspected virus carrier and/or carriers must be observed by a member of Infection Control to identify whether or not the Cordyceps is indeed present in the suspected virus carrier and/or carriers system. And thirdly, if the observation has indicated a positive result the infected must be 'humanely' eliminated, via injection." When Ellie is finished, expelling that vial piece of legislation from her delicate pink lips, she rests her head on Joel's muscular shoulder.
After a beat Joel pulls back from Ellie. "Christ, how'd you know about all that? The bewilderment clear to see.
"Uh hello, have we met before? No? Well hi, I'm Ellie and I like to read," She smiles and rolls her eyes, playfully. This makes Joel chuckle.
"There's that smart mouth. I was beginning to think you'd gone mute on me. He says smiling back that the bookworm, all teeth.
"Ha! Never You ain't that lucky. The only way I'll ever become speechless is if a Clicker eats my voice box." Ellie dismisses that idea with a wave of her hand. Then the little Runner stunner remembers. "Oh and I found something else out too."
"Oh? Tell me." Joel encourages.
To which the teenager simply says. "I will if you'd quit interrupting me."
Holding his hands up in surrender, Joel apologises. "Sorry."
Ellie resumes. "Okay so, y'know those scanner things the guards use inside the Q.Z.?" Joel nods but he's not exactly sure where the smaller brunette is going with this. "Well after I lost Riley I got all paranoid and decided to try’n see if I could find any useful information on I.C. I came across a bunch of archive files relating to the scanners. There was one in particular that caught my attention. It stated that the readings given out should only be used as a strong indication....That every positive reading needs to be confirmed by I.C..The reason why any sign of infection has to be backed up is because the scanners are only 70% reliable. Sometimes, if someone has been in an area where there was a huge density of spores but still didn't come into contact with The Infected then gets scanned, chances are it'll class them as Infected. Even if they have protective gear on." Ellie isn't surprised by how shocked Joel is right now.
"Jesus Ellie." He runs his hand through his hair.
"Yeah I know. Means they've been 'humanely' eliminating perfectly healthy people for who knows how many years. Fucking murderers!" She growls then sighs. Her thoughts quickly circling back around to the person she misses the most. "Sometimes I wish we'd both just died Joel, together. Then I wouldn't have this sinking feeling...." Ellie picks up the small picture that Joel put to the left of their position on the floor. She runs her thumb over Riley's face and begins to voice her thoughts again. "...That I'm disappointing her. Riley wanted us to fight. Fuck!" The angered teen pockets the photo, breaks free from the older mans' embrace, stands upright and whirls around to kick her cot repeatedly. Alternate waves of frustration and sorrow drowning her. "She...I...You...You shoulda just let them..."
Joel can't believe his own ears. He gets to his feet just as fast and spins Ellie around to face him. His tone is deadly serious. "Don't you dare say that again, you hear me?
Ellie tries to protest. "But if...."
Joel doesn't give her a chance to finish that sentence. "No buts kiddo." This really pained him, the entire situation did. Ellie is just a child. So young. He'd forget from time to time because the girl had always demonstrated such strength and bravery throughout their journey. There has only been one other occasion where she'd acted in this manner. The recollection makes Joel shiver in disgust. David. That bastard!
Ellie's head is bowed and she's fidgeting with her fingers. Joel sets himself on one knee in front of her. "Hey, look at me." He raises the little brunettes' chin gently, with two of his own fingers. Ellie's eyes are full of tears again. "I would do it all over again. Y'know that missy? The exact same way. And I reckon Riley would be nothing but proud of you."
"...Think so?" Ellie’s voice is weak as Joel strokes her cheek with the pad of his thumb
"I know darlin'. Wanna know how?"
With tears in full flow this very brave girl is nodding ridiculously fast. Making Joel smile as he proceeds. ‘Cos you're still fighting. You are still here, some people would've just given in." He pauses to wipe some of the surplus moisture off of Ellie's face. "Deep down, somewhere in there..." He playfully pokes her stomach then tickles her ribs, which makes her laugh.
"Hey, haha hey, stop!" She orders.
The man in front of Ellie complies, eventually and continues to speak giving the girl a chance to recover from the ticklish assault. "You know this is what she'd want you to do. It's in your gut Ellie. No matter how much you wanna ignore it." He knows how painful this is for her, just on a different level. "It's always going to be tough kid, trust me I know. It's hard but she would want you to continue for the both of you, for her."Joel subconsciously looks at the watch that is resting on his wrist.
He looks at Ellie his own eyes now full of tears, he opens his mouth but nothing comes out. He is unable to speak. Leaving Ellie to gently confirm what is hanging in the air between them both “Sarah..."
Joel sits on the floor; one leg position so that his knee is facing in the direction of Ellie's cot. The other, acting as a support for the arm that is bearing the gift Sarah gave him. The last piece of evidence that tied them together. Joel's final representation of their unity as a family.
Joel came from an era where showing anything that resembled a weaker emotional state was frowned upon for people such as himself. As a result the spunky newbie guitarist and swimmer, (yes he did eventually teach her to swim, thank God!) threw her arms around this; still grieving, pre-apocalyptic father without a seconds hesitation and with every ounce of strength she could muster given their obvious height and weight differences.
Just as quickly as this tender moment was given life, it ended. Dina came bursting through Ellie's bedroom door. "-The fuck man?! Hey Ellie- oh, umm sorry.” Recognising that she was clearly interrupting something important. The black haired teen whom; moments before, came crashing through the doorway quite by accident, - straightened up.
“Man!” Ellie exclaimed. “You were always one for making an entrance.”
“Ha, please Williams; every time you enter a room the whole world stops!” Dina playfully fires back with a smirk whilst trying to regain the wind that was momentarily forced out of her just a few minutes ago.
"Well she seems to have a measure of you already kiddo!” Joel chuckles, getting to his feet and moving closer to Dina’s side of the room. "Remember, keep -.” He begins as Dina steps neatly out of his way, so he can exit and leave the two in peace.
But, Ellie - already knowing what Joel is about to say interjects through gritted teeth and kind of half groaning, obviously embarrassed - but trying to hide it; "I know, I know you can stop now!”
"Bye ladies.” With a soft yet gravelly laugh, and, with a swift nod to each of the girls’ in turn, he's gone.
Am I a good writer? I don't think so but hey it's not half bad really I miss being in Joel's head
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