I'm getting more and more obsessed with a one person everytime she appear in my dreams

2021.12.09 11:17 Certain_Suit_1905 I'm getting more and more obsessed with a one person everytime she appear in my dreams

So I(20) know her from the very early childhood. Our parents are good friends and we visit each other roughly twice a year.
I always liked her, but nothing more. Tho I would say I never laughed like that with anyone like I did with her.
Then she graduated school and moved in the different city and I haven't seen her in 5 maybe even 7 years... At least irl, but she kept visiting me again roughly every 6 months in dreams. And with each dream I like her more and more.
First few years, it wasn't a big of deal, "oh yeah I remember her, she's kinda nice" and move on with my day, but then it's stated getting heavier and heavier, I felt kinda sad, I started feeling that miss her. It became very romantic.
But the recent dream about her just... This whole fall I spend in that lovesick depressed state. I remember I decided to play björks album Vespertine and go to sleep (still partially blame bjork) and I experienced just the most beautiful dream in my life, it felt like heaven, she was there, we were so close and the best part is her eyes full of love starting in mine. I even had this fake awakening, so transition between dream and reality wasn't that harsh.
And couldn't think about anything, but her for the next two months, I wanted to find her social media to just send something and couldn't sleep because I was afraid that while I'm sleeping someone else is messaging her.
Actually I had some energy boost and started feeling better about myself until unfortunately, turns out that she already found someone and... It still hard to think about, barely believable. I haven't felt so sad in a while, I still feel terrible, but even more frustrated by the fact that I keep falling in love with her every 6 months deeply and deeply, how is that even possible? Why is this happening? Some couples get tired of each other after three years, I'm feel my love only getting stronger after 6 years and can't control it - dreams just happens and I can't imagine what would be the next one and how I would deal with it.
I know it's kinda too much for one post, but I spend last 4 years just by myself, no meetings with friends and last 2 years I didn't even talked that much with anyone, except my parents, at all. I'm often thinking about all sorts of negative stuff about the future, how my mother started to forget where she put stuff and this might be an early signs of Alzheimer, how my dad tired more than usual and I realise than the only two people than really care about me, slowly dying before my eyes and each year is gonna be worse than previous one and all I can do is killing time until time kills me.
Maybe relationships with her was the only thing that could change my mind about tomorrow, until it didn't.
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2021.12.09 11:17 d9foodies Onion Cheese Pakoda | Street Food | Indian Street Food | Surat

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2021.12.09 11:17 ZoolShop What the Covid Plan B rules say on face coverings in pubs and restaurants

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2021.12.09 11:17 RandomTranzit Anyone know how to get rid of the feeling of constant guilt?

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2021.12.09 11:17 crypticmint she was just born with those lashes apparently

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2021.12.09 11:17 cryptocalbot Add to your calendar MaticVerse (MVERSE) event: LBank Listing - December 10, 2021

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2021.12.09 11:17 alltherach_ Taehyung IG Post 091221

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2021.12.09 11:17 Bullets_TML Maple Leaf Lucky Guess- Game #28 vs Tampa Bay

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2021.12.09 11:17 ac3213 Jammer

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2021.12.09 11:17 111319 Stablecoins Empower the U.S. Dollar, CEOs Tell Congress

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2021.12.09 11:17 JustAKidInReddit Hell yeah!! (I don't know how but I got it)

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2021.12.09 11:17 nobody007 The latest MIUI music player dropped the playlists? WHY?

it worked well although it's not great.
but the latest update ruined it completely.
For some hard-to-understand reasons, the developer removed the playlist functionality. Why do they think that people don't need playlists? Unbelievable.
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2021.12.09 11:17 davethewave91 Mental Health Center vs. CDC?

I work at a community mental health center where I manage one of their wellness programs. My take home is ~30 K
The CDC foundation has offered me a job managing their school staff etc., and I would be making ~65 K
Not that it’s all about money, but I need to move out of my tiny one bedroom apt and move on with my life at some point
I love the work they do at the mental health center and I love working with clients, but it is really challenging work for 15 bucks an hour.
Kind of torn between more money/ new challenges vs staying in a job where the mission means a lot to me but that’s seemingly not going anywhere
Just venting/ wondering if anyone has any advice haha
Either way, any help is appreciated
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2021.12.09 11:17 Affectionate-Self814 Greencard Application Process

Can I just file my greencard based on marraige with marraige certificate, dating photos, gift photos, flight tickets, event attend together? I am in process of join bank account, credit card account and health insaurance.. When I go to interview I will bring this documents with me. I just don’t wanna wait another month to collect this documents. If anyone can help me. Thanks 🙏🙏
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2021.12.09 11:17 _investor_pr0 Free $50 cash signup bonus from M1 Finance! Don’t miss out on M1’s best promo of the year (USA)

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Must sign up by 11:59 p.m. ET on December 31st, 2021 to receive the special $50 promotion.
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2021.12.09 11:17 andrewinthemiddle Marc, Charles G and AA NFT’s

The more I thought about Marc Cohodes the more it didn’t make sense. It started when Charles Gasparino was talking about having Marc on “and people (HF) thought it was a bad idea to have him on” come on that’s too obvious. A guy who works for hedge funds in the media and hates apes wanted Marc on why? Simple, Charles and HF know that if Marc wanted to help issue an NFT for AMC it would cause division if AA said “no”. This entire Scenario was about causing division and taking legal action against AMC if they did release a token. HF, Charles and Marc were trying to play 4D chess and AA saw that.
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2021.12.09 11:17 GunNinga Mahouka Advent Calendar Day 9

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2021.12.09 11:17 john-wick_dog ROCK Identification

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2021.12.09 11:17 bot_neen El clima para hoy 9 de diciembre 2021, con Nelson Valdez

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2021.12.09 11:17 Snoo-75491 yup

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2021.12.09 11:17 M_Cooper47909 [WTB] Primary Arms SLx 1X Gen 2 Prism Scope ACSS, $200 (IN)

Looking for Primary Arms SLx 1X Gen 2 Prism Scope ACSS.
Preferably red and not green.
Let me know if any are available.
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2021.12.09 11:17 Ghojah القهوة الخضراء ، هل هي الحل السحري القادم لانقاص الوزن ؟

بقلم أخصائية التغذية : بتول الحياري
في إحدى حلقات البرنامج الحواري الشهير ( دوكتور اوز) أطلق الدكتور اوز وقتها قنبلة اصبحت دارجة في عالم الصحة و الرشاقة .. (القهوة الخضراء) ..هل فعلا هي الحل السحري و الدواء المعهود الذي طال انتظاره ليخلصكم من الكيلوغرامات الزائدة ؟
في هذا الموضوع سوف نتكلم عن القهوة الخضراء لنضعها أمامكم و تقفون موقف الحكم ، و تقررون هل ستكون هي الحل الأمثل لتحصلون على أجساد رشيقة أم لا .
ما هي القهوة الخضراء ؟ هل تختلف عن القهوة التي نشربها دائما و اعتدنا عليها ؟ أم أن هناك ألوان متعددة للقهوة ؟
أعزائي القرّاء .. دعونا نتفق على نقطة واحدة ، بأن حبوب القهوة هي ذاتها و ليس لها ألوان مختلفة ، أي أن حبوب البن الخضراء هي نفسها حبوب البن النيئة غير المحمصة ، و القهوة التي اعتدنا عليها هي من ذات الحبوب أيضا لكنها تعرضت لدرجة حرارة عالية لتحميصها لتصبح بهذا الشكل و اللون و الطعم أيضا .
كيف يمكننا استهلاكها ؟ اتفقنا أن حبوب البن الخضراء هي نفسها حبوب القهوة العادية التي لا زالت نيئة بشكل كامل و لم تتم معالجتها ولا تحميصها ، فبعد الفرقعة الاعلامية في برنامج الدكتور اوز اشتهرت كمكمل غذائي حيث أصبح يباع مستخلصها على شكل كبسولات ، و يمكن أيضا استهلاكها على شكل حبوب كاملة كما في صنع المشروبات الساخنة .
ما الذي يميز القهوة الخضراء عن قهوتنا السمراء اللذيذة ؟ إن الخصائص الكيميائية للقهوة الخضراء مختلفة قليلا فهي تمتاز بكميات وفيرة من حمض الكلوروجينك الذي يتقلص و يتناقص بالتحميص و تعريض حبوب البن لدرجات الحرارة العالية ، و يمتاز هذا الحمض بالعديد من التأثيرات الصحية مثل :
• مضادات الأكسدة • مضاد التهاب • خفض ضغط الدم
هل من الممكن فعلا أن تساعد القهوة الخضراء على التخلص من الوزن الزائد ؟ في دراسات عديدة أجريت باستخدام مستخلص القهوة الخضراء على الفئران ، وجد أنها فعلا قللت من وزن الجسم الكلي و خفضت من كمية الدهون إلا أن الدراسات التي أجريت على البشر كانت أقل حسماً . حيث كانت حجم عينات الدراسات صغيرة و لفترات قصيرة .
تحتوي حبوب البن الخضراء بشكل طبيعي على مادة الكافيين واستهلاك الكافيين بلا شك يساهم في عملية تخفيض الوزن بحسب العديد من الدراسات ، و على الرغم من ذلك فان حمض الكلوروجينك أيضا يمتلك هذا التأثير .
ففي مراجعة لبعض الدراسات من عام 2013 توضح أن الكلوروجينك يساهم في التقليل من ارتفاع الانسولين عن طريق تقليل امتصاص الكربوهيدرات في الجهاز الهضمي .
كما يساعد في عملية خفض الدهون و التقليل من الكوليسترول والمساهمة في ضبط الهرمونات المتعلقة بموضوع السمنة.
أغلب هذه الدراسات أجريت على الفئران ، و بذلك فاننا حقا نحتاج المزيد من الدراسات الحاسمة على البشر لإنهاء موضوع مساعدة القهوة الخضراء في التخلص من الوزن الزائد .
و هذا يقودنا بشكل أو بآخر ، الى الفكرة التي دائما ما نتحدث عنها ، أننا لا نحتاج إلى استخدام مكملات إنقاص الوزن لفقدان الوزن بشكل طبيعي وصحي. علينا تناول نظام غذائي متوازن وصحي وممارسة الرياضة لنضمن نزولا صحيا و فعالا للوزن.
هل للقهوة الخضراء ايجابيات أخرى ؟

ماذا عن السلبيات ؟ و على صعيد آخر و لاحتوائه على مادة الكافيين ، فعلى الرغم من أن تناول الكافيين باعتدال آمن على الأرجح لمعظم الأشخاص الأصحاء ، إلا أن الإفراط في تناوله قد يؤدي إلى أعراض سلبية ، مثل القلق واضطرابات النوم وزيادة ضغط الدم .

لمتابعة المقالات لأخصائيي التغذية
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2021.12.09 11:17 cryptocalbot Add to your calendar DTravel (TRVL) event: KuCoin Listing - December 9, 2021

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2021.12.09 11:17 wakerdan Conversas sexuais - Ajuda

Olá pessoal, venho aqui com um "problema" e queria ouvir as vossas opiniões. 
Já estou com a minha namorada à volta de 3 anos, temos ambos 23 anos e sempre tivemos uma vida sexual muito saudável.
Contudo tudo mudou uns 4 ou 5 meses atrás quando eu decidi armar-me em comediante e chamei a vagina da minha moça de "patareca". Se não me engano é de um skit dos Gato Fedorento (metam-se no caralho).
Após essa brincadeira a minha namorada não PARA de chamar a vagina de patareca sempre que o assunto é chamado, mesmo em momentos íntimos. Peço desculpa e sei que não falo pelos homens mas.. eu não fico exatamente exitado quando alguém me diz que a patareca tá molhada ou para eu lhe comer a patareca.
O sentimento e a vontade estão lá mas o vocabulário não ajuda. Patareca aqui patareca ali.. a minha patareca tá doida etc, eu já não consigo.
Custa-me ser direto com ela e dizer: "Desculpa lá, isso de andares a dizer patareca toda a vez não é sexy".
Resumidamente que posso eu fazer? Ela realmente é uma mulher linda mas mata-me um pouco o clima ouvir patarecas no meu ouvido.
Gosto da patareca mas não gosto do vocabulário.
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2021.12.09 11:17 waywardpoison Why do they keep giving Colt and Debbie air time?

After the Tiger King craze at the very beginning of the pandemic, I dedicated my quarantine/furlough time to all things 90 Day and their spin offs for the first time ever. I’m caught up on everything and am getting through Darcey and Stacey’s season 2 pillow talk. Colt and Debbie have nothing to add and I’m noticing for the most part, they have the same comments (“uh oh!” “This won’t end well!” “Larissa snub!”) or a three second clip of them laughing.
Darcey and Stacey can be frustrating to watch because they make poor choices, but their thoughts, feelings, and intentions come through. Or at least they’re good at acting like it. Colt and Debbie appear to say cliche things that they think they’re expected to say and it’s very boring, predictable, and feels like bad acting. I mean I don’t like them anyway but my disdain for them keeps growing every time pillow talk cuts to them. Not to mention their relationship is CREEPY.
Not looking forward to seeing them on Single Life. I do not care about mother Debbie’s glow up.
What’s the appeal here? Are producers hoping to appeal to hate-watchers?
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