Stream starting soon 930pm est

2022.01.18 22:46 OmegaOm Stream starting soon 930pm est

Mothership RPG First Voyage 07 Dark Planet Part 5
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2022.01.18 22:46 MatthewJonsso Eventually I beat him using Incineroar with Springman, Balrog, Soda Popinski and The Let’s Go Pikachu spirit

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2022.01.18 22:46 Desperate_Shoe_5952 PC Gaming club for 50+ year olds?

Is there some sort of on-line 'club' for gamers that are 50+ years old?
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2022.01.18 22:46 Personal_Ad_5612 What I Ordered Vs What I Got

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2022.01.18 22:46 RazerBlaxe I don’t know which nation seems to get the least events so I went with a random city in Ireland.

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2022.01.18 22:46 777stargrl Graduating

So I have one unit left in order to graduate & it’s pretty difficult (300 level), I’m scared I might fail should I take another unit just in case?
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2022.01.18 22:46 aboinamedJared Change order to hybrid

Got confirmation my truck is getting built next week. Originally I wanted a hybrid but it was right at the November cutoff and the hybrid order didn't go through. The dealership put through a the 2.0L with the plan to switch to hybrid but that didn't work. Now I'm wondering of its possible to change to a hybrid. Like maybe a few hybrid orders have been cancelled.
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2022.01.18 22:46 kailee_h1415 Efficient way to compare multiple ints

Hey guys!
I am working on the starling quest. One of the functions requires us to compare 5 ints and return the max of the 5 ints. I was planning on using if statements to compare each int individually. For example, start with int 1 and go through comparing all other ints and seeing if its largest if so returning if not, switching to int 2. While this process seems effective I was wondering if anyone had any better ideas to make it more efficient?
Love to discuss ideas with you guys!
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2022.01.18 22:46 DestinedForDeath 14 day Suspension for Inappropriate behavior TeamFight Tactics app claims im permabanned.

This problem starts from a League of legends ban and causes a problem in Teamfight Tactics. I hope i Explain it well enough that someone here may be able to understand my question and provide any info if you have any. Thank you for taking the time to read some of this. i'm sorry i'm not a very good writer and any gaps or info i may have missed. If you have any question at all i will answer them pronto. <3 ty everyone.

Hello everyone. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I admit i was being a little try hard by asking a person in a game i played that laned with me bot, if he was going to help me. The player responded byt telling me he called solo bot. i was karma support he was master yi "adc". he would stand there and not cs, even though i wasnt taking any. i would poke and stun the nidalee and nami down and just auto till the yi could kill. he just typed at me about how he called solo bot. all other roles were taken and the nasus didnt want me mid. so this game turned into me just defending my right to be there and that i dont jungle well so its not like i could just go roam enemy side jungle as karma without items or runes. anyways i just kept pointing out his behavior was harassment. I guess my teammates found me annoying because they were his friend. at least 2 of them.
Anyways i can see how to not bother everyone in a match in the future. I have been playing an alt account while my main accounts ban time ticks away. I just started playing teamfight tactics while i wait on my main account as well. so today i gifted myself $20 onto my main league account from my alt. I then logged into TFT from my phone where i assumed i could probably still play TFT since the league ban was for league. upon login attempt the TFT app. has an alert notifying me that that account is permanently suspended. The email i received for my 14 day ban is no longer in my email even though my emails are set to delete after 14 days. i have older email in my folder. so its not time that has deleted them. I also can see back to early december deleted emails.... the suspension notification email isnt there either. so i can not find the email to screenshot it for this thread.
I am Just Hoping someone can tell me if TFT account just has the "permanent" suspension as a default and the system in tft app cant actually differentiate between my 14 day or permanent.
Also at this current time of posting the riot account site has a notice at the top in red letttering notifying users that they are aware of the problem with suspended accounts getting the loading wheels just continuously spinning. when i login to league with my suspended account i dont see any ban message or any of my information except my summoner level and icon.
If i was perma'd they wouldnt let the banned account receive gifts and allow people to ultimately just throw money away into a non existing account, would they? do i need to contact my bank and just reverse the payments to get my money back. I know i can do it with my bank regardless of what riot says, so i wouldnt need to request a refund from riot themselves.
I am sorry if the grammar and punctuation is horrible. I have not been living a very social life for the last 2 years and nealry never have to make sense to anyone.
On my alt account i have really stepped up to not be toxic in league because of this ban. i have been a better teamate all around and i go out of my way to be encouraging. i want to do better and be a better player. I had just been going through some bad news about 2 terminally ill family members at the time and hadnt started accepting their diagnosis yet. I also allowed most other toxic matches to kinda seep into my personality and didn't feel like i cared about anything anymore, especially since im new and all my matches are full of troll players. like all teamates going 1 lane to argue with eachother, people ruining lane, inting or other means of harassment in game. Instead of being a better person i just felt tired of all my games never being normal-ish. like 5 people working together toward a common goal.
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2022.01.18 22:46 lucas23bb What is the most intelligent lifeform on earth?

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2022.01.18 22:46 asirpakamui Can anyone else join the Dark Brotherhood?

I have no idea if this is just me or it's everyone. But I can't join them. Astrid does not talk to me after killing one of the prisoners, instead all I get for talking to her is the Speechcraft Mod window.
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2022.01.18 22:46 Unfair-Restaurant183 Tklf wtf did I miss today on this my eyes were glued to the screen for bbig

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2022.01.18 22:46 GG4RR3TT What WN chapter to pick up at end of volume 13?

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2022.01.18 22:46 Fit_Yoghurt2461 F I was hypnotized for the first time recently

I was curious about hypnosis and how it works since I never was hypnotized and I found someone who hypnotized me over text. I didnt think it would work but he had like triggers to make me do stuff, for example sending me a word that would make me switch between typing normally and in big letters only, or even one that makes me receive a new trigger that makes me do something.
So yeah thats been an interesting experience, just wanted to tell someone :P If you've been hypnotized before or wanna talk more about it go ahead and introduce yourself :P
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2022.01.18 22:46 iNtuiTionTalk Is there anyway I can conduct a nuclear test?

I'm playing as the Soviet Union, it's only 1950, but I've built about 50 nuclear weapons and I want to test one. Is there any way? I go to the WMD tab and I don't see anything there. Please help!
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2022.01.18 22:46 Mtf_ninetailedfox Funny ha ha joke

It’s never ok to be racist except for elves
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2022.01.18 22:46 Stringpossum If you’re even slightly active in fandom…

Please oh please move your fics from these tiny archives and to AO3. So many have shut down or been purged.
What’s your favorite lost story? Bonus points if it was lost and then recovered via files.
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2022.01.18 22:46 yipsraj313 Blake Blossom

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2022.01.18 22:46 hmacf6 Yeah you can snipe we get it

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2022.01.18 22:46 cymansworld Been trying to stop smoking for a year, and still failing

I've been doing therapy, been to rehab 4 times, and yet every time I relapse after a few weeks of being on my own. I literally just smoke weed. It's not supposed to be that addictive. And yet I feel like giving up on sobriety because I'm just too weak.
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2022.01.18 22:46 jookco joe gregory obituary : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.18 22:46 nambi_2 Advice on a 510 cart. any recommendations?

I'm trying to buy a 510 that will give me a similar effect to smoking a joint.
I have many apparatuses to consume.

I like the ease of a 510 but I feel like I get a cheap buzz off of them. Similar to drinking a cheap beer or wine when compared to drinking a quality drink.

I enjoy the high from a standard joint whether it be sativa or Indica. I've tried a few sativa 510's but i just don't get the quality effect that I get from a joint. I don't want to combust so I'm looking to see if it's possible to get this effect from a 510.

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2022.01.18 22:46 Virtual-Path-3728 wtb an og renegade raider or og ghoul acc, send me offers

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2022.01.18 22:46 prtj1617 How can classroom ventilation be improved?

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2022.01.18 22:46 Jnewmen Add me on kik to trade: JAckNew223

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