Daily Sketch: Lazy Ricky [OC]

2022.01.18 22:52 Hunchy Daily Sketch: Lazy Ricky [OC]

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2022.01.18 22:52 yehchi87 Sell(offer) limit for flea should be a thing

Several wipes ago bsg set a hold limit in-raid for players, 3 gpus, 3 tetriz something like that, I think there should be a sell(offer) limit for those items, for example 5 gpus per day. No legit players should be able to reach the sell limit every day so I assume that this is not going to affect most of the player base. Other things are like other than container, these expensive tech items should not be able to brought in to raid.
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2022.01.18 22:52 OurProgressive Read the fine print https://t.co/K06Ya9MStx

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2022.01.18 22:52 Xeivax Lost file when clicking save on word online

I've just spent the last 2 hours writing up documentation on word online and appear to have lost it all somehow. I clicked: File -> Save as -> Save as copy online Then page then refreshed and I was looking at onedrive in full screen, I click saved and nothing happen, opened a new tab and noticed the entire document was blank.
I made a new blank document and clicked: File -> Save as -> Save as copy online This time a small box appeared letting me choose where I wanted to save the new empty document.
I don't quite understand why sometimes it's refreshing the entire page to load one drive and simaltaeneously losing all content in the document and other times it isn't. More importantly is there anyway for me to retrieve the first piece of work I did. I checked the version history for it and it's completely blank. I'm absolutely fuming.
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2022.01.18 22:52 runningaddict24 Anticonvulsant success

Does anybody know the reason why anticonvulsants such as Trileptal that I’m taking has taken away my anxiety? I’m no longer sitting in a chair or just standing with a automatic feeling of anxiousness. SSRIs never helped at all for anxiety. I forgot to ask my psychiatrist today when I saw her. But it’s been a miracle!
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2022.01.18 22:52 Dry-Biscotti-2544 How many people would like to join a new zvz guild?

I'm considering starting an international guild where players with a focus on ZvZ, Small Scale, Ganking can join. I just don't know if there would be enough players who would join and help build a new guild. I would already have an alliance by having ZvZ content every day. If enough players could be found, we would be the ZvZ guild of the alliance and would have daily content. And maybe next season we could push gold
write your opinion about it, maybe there will be enough players to start the week.
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2022.01.18 22:52 Cap10NRG Dawless Jam

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2022.01.18 22:52 parenthetical_phrase I didn’t know they could be out of order, and I used it before I had a chance to read the sign.

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2022.01.18 22:52 Repulsive_Wallaby874 Is there truth to these old posts from the Topix forums? (attached). These are only a few years after Maura vanished. Someone gave names of who they think killed Maura, her body being put in a wood chipper, an unnamed friend who lived near the crash site, police & drugs, and other bizarre stuff..

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2022.01.18 22:52 RealBradyJordan Made a video review about my favorite third party RF lens for my R5! Check it out if ya don’t mind🤘

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2022.01.18 22:52 DamnWhatABabe 2m Weird banter and irreverent jokes? You are in the right place

Hey all,
29m here from the United States. East Coast dweller. I've been a bit lonely lately due to work stuff, and would love some new friends. I don't find shared interests all that important to friendship, but I'll list a few if it helps getting the chat started. I love a bit of banter, talking about some dumb shit, making some dumb jokes.
I'm a big fan of cooking, soccer, fantasy books, video games, and much more! I just love when people are passionate about something, even if I have no fucking idea about the topic.
Shoot me a message, whoever you may be! I would love to chat with you. Doing my best to not be a creep and send some stupid ass jokes.
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2022.01.18 22:52 millerto Mugshot?

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2022.01.18 22:52 ClayGibson19 Marlin model 60 SB

How rare is it? I was searching through gun broker and only found one for $500. Reasonable?
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2022.01.18 22:52 iamcalifw 💲 MetaShiba - Just FairLaunched and we are flying 🚀 Renounced Ownership - GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year 💲

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2022.01.18 22:52 verveuser The cat was euthanized shortly after

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2022.01.18 22:52 Soracaz Where can I watch/pay to watch World Heroes Mission in English?

I live in New Zealand. The movie's English cinema release was delayed and then a new date was never announced
Is there really nowhere I can pay Funimation to watch the movie? I don't wanna watch a cam rip.
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2022.01.18 22:52 musicfan2019 Julia Shuren Joins Italian Duo WAMI for Thought-Provoking “Lost Sometimes”

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2022.01.18 22:52 beanpug "I'm pretty sure it's pronounced CHAM-eh-lee-ahn" - Ted Mosby

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2022.01.18 22:52 Arnadus Georgian citizens made to swear an oath to stop mining crypto

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2022.01.18 22:52 Itzyaboi67 [PS4] [EU]

Hey I’m looking for a 2v2s partner on PlayStation 4 who’s diamond 2 ranking, my gamer tag is “josh_jamz”, the picture is of crash bandicoot. So feel free to add if you do
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2022.01.18 22:52 jacobbigrobux Two questions

If you could add any stand from the show what would it be and how to work and also how would death 13 work if it were a stand in the game?
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2022.01.18 22:52 BiggerBeanBoiBash Bowser Jr. (Super Mario) vs Susie (Kirby). Childish second in commands that can fight on their own, but prefer to use mechs. They also work for their father.

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2022.01.18 22:52 idkwhouare1 Our generation going into the workforce… caption and everything

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2022.01.18 22:52 UltimateDiscordMod Hungry people, what could you go for right now?

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