Afrocentrics has been real quite lately

2022.01.18 21:36 ELgamal96 Afrocentrics has been real quite lately

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2022.01.18 21:36 1Cogito Horse

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2022.01.18 21:36 hermanstyle21 Mystery vs Progress Faction Brawl

Thoughts on the best team for the next round of faction brawls? My first thought was a Satori team: Andvari, Satori, Martha, Celeste undecided on the last spot. Nebula perhaps? Thoughts?
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2022.01.18 21:36 SafeMoonNews Something Fishy?

Binance says: listing coin soon
Safe moon Ceo says: getting listed on exchange soon
Didn't Binance just update its system to support something similar to a tokenomics type of system? Hmm. Don't want to oversell but...Very fishy/.
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2022.01.18 21:36 ProfessionalCry6843 A last sequel of the story about the legendary gifting atmosphere in Huya's entertainment department.

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2022.01.18 21:36 nice_of_u Aren't we need audio indication of dropping bomb?

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2022.01.18 21:36 Kidifi Microsoft Executives Right Now

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2022.01.18 21:36 Falcon_God_Gamer Mention/Tag Your Friend In Reddit And Say "Nothing"

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2022.01.18 21:36 ModifyUrMind What do you find a little ironic?

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2022.01.18 21:36 desidahi My Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz

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2022.01.18 21:36 Cheledraws Hey guys!✨ I have a cute art shop and I’m having a 20% sale right now, check it out!

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2022.01.18 21:36 SomeFatChair66 Ryzen 5 5600G Motherboards

What are some recommended micro ATX motherboards that are Ryzen 5 ready ?
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2022.01.18 21:36 SnooDonuts937 TO THE MOON (-25.05% in the past month)

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2022.01.18 21:36 LawCompetitive6577 Icon color change

I changed the color of my icons system wide. Every day or two, some of them disappear from the home page and I have to go drag them over from the app drawer.
I read something somewhere a few months ago about there being a bug with a workaround on this, but it isn't showing up for me in a search. Any hints?
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2022.01.18 21:36 Akalankaaoki FiPi APP is an automated regular saving tool

This project is running smoothly and stronger then ever. This project is a main player in crypto finance and it will be very great. An amazing project this is.
Website -
TG -
#FiPi #Presale #FiPiIndexes #IDO #FiPiAPP
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2022.01.18 21:35 DiamondPalkia Know this probably isn’t too bad but just wanted to make sure - have a cut on my leg, does it seem to be healing okay? I have pretty bad health anxiety so I just want to make sure it’s all good then move on with my day

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2022.01.18 21:35 SirHipster05 Beginner want advice

Hey, im a complete beginner in crypto I’ve never invested and I want to invest something like a 100$ just to see what will happen I plan on long term holding and idk what to use. What would be my best (app) option to do that. I also would rather use as little information as possible because worst case scenario I loose 100$ worth of crypto but I don’t want my passport, bank account, driver license, etc, to get leaked.
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2022.01.18 21:35 LifeWithoutRegerts ID help! Got this little guy last month and its not happy, losing leaves and tips are curled. Not sure if this is even a cactus! Cheers

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2022.01.18 21:35 Disastrous_Lemon_291 Exchange Trading Volume 2022: What is the daily avg exchange trading volume? How does it compare to the estimated fees associated with trades? How does that stack up to market cap? Any ideas?

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2022.01.18 21:35 Remote_Ad_1624 [WTS] Folding Brace and other stuffs [WA]
Have various parts that I bought but never used (except the Hera Linear Comp). Price to sell or give me your best offer.

  1. Venom Defense Fiber Carbon Aluminum grip (come with installation screw) - $35
  2. Venom Defense compensator, 1/2-28 - $35
  3. Hera Industry LC Gen 2 linear comp, 5/8x24 (this is the only thing that has been on a gun and used) - $80
  4. SB Tactical folding brace (SBT). Will fit HK UMP and B&T APC - $65
All price includes shipping.
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2022.01.18 21:35 CoffeeandRamen1 MommyMilkers [$150k market cap] [1 month old]

Mommy $Milkers is a BSC token that is aimed towards providing a crypto community full of like-minded people with one goal in mind: Creating a platform for artists to distribute artwork.
What is it:
Mommy $Milkers aims to provide an uncensored, decentralized platform for artists to create, commission and self-mint NFTs, that they can sell, auction or transfer in the marketplace. In addition, $Milkers aims to incentivize artists and NFT owners through using the platform. While $Milkers holders are rewarded through the platform by simply holding through profit-sharing.
About the team:
Our team is a diverse mix of marketing madmen and technical experts drawn together by our love of big milkers. We have banded together to develop a product and platform with actual utility besides the usual Meme coin.
Market cap and Competitive Advantage:
The NFT and NSFW space Is a big industry, with the value being estimated to be in the billions. For reference, the current NFT space is valued at approximately $10b. In the NSFW NFT space, platforms currently are valued at ~$500m total. The key competitive advantage of milkers is the focus on an otherwise ignored space, 2D artwork. As other platforms focus on 3D content we plan to corner and carve out our niche in the 2D space. Our key focus is on establishing partnerships or sourcing from prominent artists and to build a platform that caters to them. As the NFT space is rife with controversy over stolen art, we want to do things differently by working directly with artists to give them the credit that they deserve.
Phase 1: Dairy Farm
• Development of social media presence (reddit, tiktok, twitter, telegram) through targeted ad campaign as well as organic community growth
• Custom VR mascot for advertisement and tiktok campaigns
• Planned release of the milkers NFT collection, a privately commissioned 2D erotic art collection using unique arts pieces (no stolen content)
• Growth target of 1000 holders and ~100k daily volume (Coingecko/CMC in progress)
• Development of milk (white) paper explaining long term plans for token as well as development plan
Phase 2: Mommy Marketplace
• Using established $MILKERS branding to create and maintain relationships with large artists and influencers
• Growth target of 10000 holders
• Developing exclusive partnerships with artist firms in preparation for Mommy’s’ marketplace.
• To provide a decentralized platform for artists self-mint commissioned art pieces.
• Continue branding recognition through an aggressive marketing campaign
Phase 3: Milk-verse
• Milkfu series
• Growth target of 50000 holders
• Doja Cat collaboration
• Provide utility to the NFTs minted in the marketplace
• Interactions with your own NFTs and others
The Mommy $Milkers contract had 30% of its initial supply burnt on launch, It was fairly launched, with no presale and ownership was renounced. In addition, The liquidity pool is burnt into the contract, Which means the $Milkers token is completely rug proof. The tokenomics of $Milkers is simply a 12% tax on each buy & sell transaction. 5% of the tax is allocated towards rewarding holders automatically with BUSD, eliminating the core issue with native token reflections (encourages dumping and devalues native currency). 4% is dedicated towards the marketing wallet to ensure the promotion and development of the project. Finally 3% of the tax is deposited into the burnt liquidity pool, reducing volatility. Aside from the tokenomics there is an anti-whale mechanic, to prevent any single wallet holding a large amount of the total supply. A ‘max’ wallet is capped at 1% of the total supply.
Contract: 0x3ebe9333f4240c27b46bed8713c03a2571fdaa12
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2022.01.18 21:35 MrKritty This is what empty and weak New Jersey billionaires do with political power

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2022.01.18 21:35 Slime_Special_681 The Blue Blood- Chapter 4

I do not own SSB nor the right to call any of this Cannon. As always those pleasures belong to BlueFishcake.
Chapter 4:

21 hours ago the United States entered DEFCON 4. Unaccounted for spikes in background radiation were detected by a infared satellite tasked with charting the projected trajectories of meterites of the annual y-Normid meteor shower. The satellite was a newer model, more specifically it had been more recently serviced by ISS personel and sported the latest sensors. Where it had failed to do so the last four years it now easily picked up on the unusual heat output of some of the meteors and relayed it to Nasa.
Nasa tasked two additional satellites to confirm the readings. They also began contacting their counterparts in the other space-faring nations of the UN. After some satellite realignments the others reported the same findings. Upon confirmation of the data they tasked the ISS with direct observation and prepared to redirect Hubble.
The ISS was able to note that the meteors in question appeared unusually uniform and rather metallic in nature. Hubble shortly after not only confirmed this report but revealed one of the objects in question to have an structure similar in appearance to an engine. After much deliberation the ISS was directed to aim concentrated radio waves at one of the objects. No one really knew what to do next when the small object fired its engines to course correct and directly face the ISS.
After a moment to collect themselves the space agencies of the world relayed their findings to the UN. Following a brief and surprisingly calm {the shock and panic having robbed many of the desire to debate} debate, it was decided to not inform the civilian population least mass panic erupt. After that the next course of action was obvious to the UN: 11 hours ago the world entered DEFCON 3.
The fleet was now in position. The various Capital ships and their escorts sat closest to the planet, ready to screen any incoming fire and pick off any high altitude fighters. The Hele class Orbital Bombardment ships sat close behind them now safe to glass their targets in indiscriminate safety. The carriers stationed themselves the furthest back from the immanent battle content to send in their shuttles and if need be, their dedicated escorts when the time came. Everything was in line with the mission parameters and yet Admiral Zip'era was enraged as she spoke with the Second Princess over the view screen.
"I know what I read! The reports said nothing about families being stationed on their military bases!"
"You are speaking to a daughter of the Empress," the Second Princess hissed. "I will not warn you again." Zip'era closed her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing.
"The reports stated that there was a military presence of roughly 20.5 million soldiers. The reports stated that the natives have an estimated 13,100 nuclear weapons. That said weapons are controlled by 9 of the 200 local tribes. That of those 13,100 90% belong to just 2 of those tribes. That of those 13,100 only 30% are in position for an immediate response.
The reports stated that the tribes have no other counter capable of impeding the Imperium's advance and what counters they do have are exclusively amongst their high end weaponry and relatively sparse." Zip'era opened her eyes too glare at the princess once more. "They certainly did NOT mention the absurdly high number of men in the armed forces NOR did they mention their families living with them on base," Zip'era very nearly spat.
"I see no problem. We bring our families with us on internal deployment more than not. This is their home planet, this was always to be expected," the Second Princess answered coolly. Zip'era's felt her heart sink at that and it was hard for her her gaze to not follow suit.
"But the children-," Zip'era tried before being cut off.
"As for the men, was it not obvious? A species with a 50-50 gender split whose males can go all night long was bound to have a lot of men in the armed services. It goes without statement. We've not come this far simply to turn back and leave this system to others."
"That's not... It's not... It's not the same and you know it. We may bring our families along but we station them off base in the surrounding towns," Zip'era said finding her words.
"A mere technicality. If it takes the lives of 20.5 million soldiers and their families to secure the Imperium's future prosperity that is a bargin. Commense your assault as planned."
Zip'era was torn. The Second Princess wasn't wrong but... To a Shil'vati Duty and Honor were one in the same. They had to be. And yet she found herself racking her brain for something, anything she could do.
"To strike without offering quarter first is wrong. This course of action is highly dishonorable. Not only to for you but, for the Imperium as a whole," she tried.
"Honor is found in the Imperium's continued march across the stars. You have your orders."
"Honor is found in how we achieve that march."
"Honestly this masculine outburst is making me question your fitness to head this naval operation."
"Please- Princess Kat'ria. I beg you act in mercy and give them the chance to surrender," Zip'era pleaded, leaving her chair and kneeling. "Show your servants, no- show the galaxy the true meaning of Shil'vati honor."
Zip'era didn't dare to look up at the screen. She didn't have to- the princess's sadistically smug smile was already felt well enough.
"Very well Admiral patch me through, I have a message for these natives."
Zip'era looked at her crew already rushing to accomplish the task before the princess could reconsider. Setting up the required translation subroutines, coordinating with the rest of the fleet, and linking into Earth's satellite network took 31/2 minutes. After that actually sending the message exclusively at the UN and its representative governments it took all but 1 minute.
"Representatives of Earth, I am Princess Kat'ria, 2nd Princess of the Shil'vati Imperium, daughter of Marquess Ner'am Gal'mor and her Majesty the Empress. I am here to inform that a state of war currently exists between you people and the Imperium. You have 3 hours to capitulate."
Prince Dur'a was running through the Exo's checklist with a young mechanic. He knew her by face and work ethnic. She was one of the best if not the best mechanic in the Golden Glaives support company. A fact he appreciated doubly so considering that she was the only Exo mechanic the Empress had allowed him to bring.
Her name had never seemed important before this expedition though. Now though, with the lives of his entire company exclusively in her hands it seemed very important. His omipad dinged with a notification:
*To all command staff: ------------------------- The operation has been postponed for 3 hours pending negotiations with the Native leadership.
-Admiral Zip'era*
"I've been meaning to thank you for a while," Dur'a called to her from the cockpit.
"What for, my Prince," she asked looking up from her omnipad.
"Stigio 7 mostly, but all of this as well," he said motioning to the row gold plated Exos. "You do great work."
"Thank you, my Prince," she said quickly looking back down as a blush flooded her cheeks.
"I never caught your name by the way."
"That is because I never gave it, my Prince. I'm Vixa Sarno."
"All good up here," Dur'a said checking off the last item on his list.
"Same here."
Dur'a waited for her to get clear before lowering the Exo the ground and climbing out.
"Well Vixa, it seems my sister has grown some form of conscience over the last two days." Vixa gave him a head hilt. "Apparently we have 3 hours to kill while 'negotiates' with them."
"That is out of character from what I know of the woman's past."
"Yeah," Dur'a said trying not to think too hard about what kind of person his second sister was. "Do you think that they will actually accept terms?"
"They're essentially pink tuskless Shil'vati so, maybe? I can't imagine them not wanting to be a part of the Imperium. But, I'm not really sure what the terms are supposed to be."
"Knowing my sister it's probably along the lines of 'Surrender primatives. That is all', " he said putting on his best Empress voice.
"Stop it," she said playfully socking him in the arm. Then she froze in horror and dropped to the ground in prostration. "I'm sorry your, Majesty. I-," she stammered voice shaking.
"Raise you head and look me in the eyes." She complied and keeping her plams to the ground, she slowly raised her gaze to meet his. His gaze wasn't one of scorn or really even one of pity but one of understanding.
"I am not my sister's or even my brother. When I am alone with my people, I am Dur'a. Not Prince Dur'a, not some prissy male, just Dur'a," said firmly before extending his right hand to her. She started to reach for it only to withdraw it slightly before touching him.
"I hit a man, what kind of woman does that?"
"Look I've been through the basics for the Deathsheads, Interior, and Golden Glaives. That's not even mentioning the numerous assassination attempts on myself and the royal family. If I couldn't take a love tap I'd be dead," he stated as he grabbed her hand and pulled her up with a startling amount of force. Vixa wasn't sure what to make of him or the fact that he hadn't let go of her hand yet, so she did the only logical thing she could think of.
"What, happens now?"
"We still have 3 hours to kill. The rest of the company is getting plastered in the shuttles on the other side of the hangar, let's get some drinks," he said pulling her with him as he started heading that way.
"B-But the upcoming mission! You can't be drunk while piloting!"
"It'll be fine! I'm not some lightweight and if I'm being perfectly honest, if I do end up having to 'pacify' a planet I could use a drink, or two."
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