2022.01.18 22:16 kkag_marster IM BACK FOR 2022 TOURNAMENT BUT THE THE PRICE IS HIGHER CHROMA FANG HOW TO ENTER COMMENT YOUR USER IN THE REPLYS (first 8 to comment they user enters in) AND FRIEND MY USER kkagmaster

IM BACK FOR 2022 TOURNAMENT BUT THE THE PRICE IS HIGHER CHROMA FANG HOW TO ENTER COMMENT YOUR USER IN THE REPLYS (first 8 to comment they user enters in) AND FRIEND MY USER kkagmaster submitted by kkag_marster to MurderMystery2 [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 22:16 Dransvitry_De_Medici I saw this map by u/Nitrostoat today and it got me thinking, I'm a 3rd gen hunter I got my start from Moga Village, My question to all of you, which village did you guys start out from?

I saw this map by u/Nitrostoat today and it got me thinking, I'm a 3rd gen hunter I got my start from Moga Village, My question to all of you, which village did you guys start out from? submitted by Dransvitry_De_Medici to MonsterHunter [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 22:16 pashotboshot Biden Lies (Again) as He Covertly Continues the U.S. Forever War Against the Afghan People

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2022.01.18 22:16 andro6657 Need help identifying accessories

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2022.01.18 22:16 kioKEn-3532 so do I have to wait to level my moon ring to lvl10 to get the unknown weapon model for adam?

I just want to check if its possible to get it right now Im on lvl8 you see and would like it to get it if I can "if I can" thank you
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2022.01.18 22:16 Jagveer27 Jermaine Rogers - Specimen

Do you recon the specimen Jermaine Rogers collectible will moon 🚀, very low mints, nice looking and are also first appearances.
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2022.01.18 22:16 Deep_Elderberry_3003 שאלה על שורשים.

Is it possible for an ambiguous Hebrew word (that has been altered from the root) to not use all the letters from the root?
Example: Root - |שמע| Altered word from root - |שמים|
Where “שמע” would be the root for “שמים” and even though, “שמים” has no “ע”
Like I said, I know this isn’t a valid example, it was just the example that got me wondering about other possibilities
Also, I’m just a “casual” Hebrew learner and am curious to know if “לגבי” would be better in the title of this post. (Instead of “על”)
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2022.01.18 22:16 Peycats which character should i draw?

i’ll post on the subreddit when i finish!
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2022.01.18 22:16 Temporary_Diver_8973 How many conditions can one person have?

It seems like I keep getting things condition on top of condition and I'm just at my Wit's End. How do you guys deal with it when you want to give up? My husband is getting so sick of me complaining and I have no one else to talk to. My most recent problem is chronic constipation knitting daily laxatives which is making me so sick and apparently painful legs and possible restless leg syndrome
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2022.01.18 22:16 MexWevC Estado de Derecho en México; el análisis de TResearch

Estado de Derecho en México; el análisis de TResearch submitted by MexWevC to Mexico_News [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 22:16 ratm117-2 How do you reconcile wanting to support your partner with needing a supportive partner?

I (m 24 NT) love my partner (f 23 DX) of 4 years and she is my best friend, however we’ve been having a lot of struggles, mainly around her ADHD. She can see how much of a toll her ADHD is having on our relationship and always asks for my patience and support, which of course I give to her. However, since we moved in together 18 months ago things have been quite difficult; housework not done, wild messiness, and general inability to cope with the demands of everyday life.
Things have settled down now that she’s left her job (with no plan of getting another) and we moved to a smaller place with cheaper rent. I can see she’s making an effort to pick up the slack with housework and is improving, though I am still doing the majority. Emotionally she is much better now too, though is still a highly sensitive person.
So, now to the main question - how do you balance wanting to support and encourage your partner with needing a supportive partner yourself? I want to love and support my partner, however I’m quite frightened of our future. I don’t think I could cope in a future where we’re both working, with children and any obstacles life throws at us.
Any advice, wisdom, or other perspectives are much appreciated!
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2022.01.18 22:16 MizzEmCee Unemployment payback?

I received a letter from the Oregon Employment Department demanding I "repay" them $1800 or prove why I needed unemployment during the pandemic? When I applied, I was very clear about my employment circumstances and that as a Lupus patient, I am immunocompromised, and working in the 2 industries I was employed in was a direct threat to my physical wellbeing were I to contract Covid.
I have since gone back to work because I was able to get vaccinated, booster included. I'm currently sick and looking for a test site in the Portland area. I had a direct exposure while at work Friday morning.
Has anyone else received this letter from the employment department? And why settle on $1800? I received $780 a week the entire time I was collecting. It makes zero sense to me.
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2022.01.18 22:16 TJN1047 Blue cheese and ranch are both disgusting.

Blue cheese and ranch don't go with anything. Vegetables taste terrible when you dip them in the sauces. As someone who lives in the Midwest, I can't escape it. If wings taste fine on their own, then why do you need a creamy sousalty sauce to overpower the taste.
Blue cheese isn't nasty because it's an edible mold, it's gross because it just tastes terrible.
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2022.01.18 22:16 wasteland001 While family positive with covid, work calls...........

2 of my three kids tested positive today, ex wife, positive, youngest is 8. Work calls, "hey we need you to come in tomorrow" I can't, got 2 kids home with covid. Work, "well are you positive? Because if your not then you can come in". Me "ya I'm not leaving my kids alone to go to work, his mom is sick, like sick, so ya no I can't come in". Work "isn't the there anyone you can call to watch the kids?". Me "well im not gonna call anyone and expose them unnecessarily. " Work "well what about the next day? We've got inclement weather coming and need to be doubled up." Me "ok I have sick kids and idk what to tell ya, except I won't be there." Work "ok" and hangs up. Like wtf?
We're all vaccinated, and the daughter is fine but positive, the youngest is ok, just like a bad flu. I hate this
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2022.01.18 22:16 Jwesoloski14 Dexcom and T:connect?

I had about a day and a half where I was off my pump and on the pens while I waited for my supply order to be delivered. During this time, I reconnected by Dexcom receiver and disconnected the pump. I can upload the data to Dexcom Clarity, but does anyone know a way to sync Clarity with T:connect? TIA
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2022.01.18 22:16 nydb9666 Where are you now in life?

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2022.01.18 22:16 emanersu_euqinu_a Did limited run drop manuals?

I've bought several of limited run's releases over the past couple years and they've always come with a manual or some kind of insert. I just got Far: lone sails in today and it didn't have anything, not even an insert. Is this normal and I just got lucky with all the past releases I bought or has limited run started dropping manuals from their releases?
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2022.01.18 22:16 exculibris Kryptic Kars collection over 10k NFT ~ Upvote + Address

Kryptic Kars collection over 10k NFT ~ Upvote + Address submitted by exculibris to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 22:16 StunningRich5 Wireless issues

Hi, I have a Hitron modem from Teksavvy (cable network, using Rogers).
All devices connected wirelessly work on/off randomly. This has gotten much, much worse over the last month or two. Devices connected with Ethernet cables work fine though.
Assuming the modem has a problem, I want to ask Teksavvy to replace this modem with a different one.
Would you know a better cable modem brand I can ask for? Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.18 22:16 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-ImagePost-87870

LssTest-ImagePost-87870 submitted by lss_bvt_ios_05 to LssAutomation [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 22:16 Emergency_Internet91 It's been a long week getting these guys

It's been a long week getting these guys submitted by Emergency_Internet91 to PokemonSwordAndShield [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 22:16 Racer013 People who look for small streamers to watch, what do you look for when browsing?

This isn't over asked question about what do you look for in a streamer, I mean curb appeal. What makes you stop scrolling and what to visit a stream? Is there something you look for that you know will weed out bad streams or that you know will be a sign of quality?
I mod for a friend and will usually try to find someone small for him to raid at the end of his streams, but I'm wondering if there is a better way I can find quality streams other than luck of the draw.
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2022.01.18 22:16 rufusjonz What's Hot & What's Not plus market analysis

I did a long post last night that not many saw about Marvel/DC Mint Sizes & prices with some specific suggestions -- if you want to read it:
So the fantastic rally continues -- the following data is from basically this past Friday until today Tuesday -- it's changing very quickly -- most prices grabbed from ecomiwiki, and keep in mind some of the highest priced ones may not trade a lot
Biggest Winners

Pizza Truck R +190% $2899
Enterprise UC +184% $318
Cat Troop B&W UR +181% $1235
Whistle Mickey UC +164% $1849
Cat Troop Color R +161% $465
Sorcerer's Hat Statue R +145% $6990
Sam Wilson C +144% $134
Dolce C +138% $100
Iron Man Statue C +136% $3198
Metallo R +135% $630
Biggest Losers

Creeping Dero R -34% $990
H.I.M. R -15% $9400
Bill & Ted Excellent R -11% $223
Ghostbusters Platinum SR -10% $45000
Harley Quinn Terry R -10% $3789
Harley Quinn Steve UR -9% $19999
Ghostbear Blue R -9% $185
Safin's Mask R -7% $109
Bronson UR -2% $3799
Neapolitan Ting UR -0% $778
So, it's not surprising to see Mickey & associated rally, based on a relative basis to where they were priced
I am surprised by the Cat Troop and other art/posters that rallied big -- perhaps people know a 2nd series of them are coming soon, but I would say to AVOID these and others in that series -- personal taste mostly, but also Posters/Art doesn't generally perform as well -- if I had to get one along those lines, it would be the various Givenchy ones
Pizza Truck & Enterprise showing vehicles & spaceships were undervalued, which I had asserted -- I picked up the cheap Borg Cube myself, to flip
My personal journey and take on trading VeVes (and trading in general):
I started with $15 in VeVe late-October, hit first comic drop for $10 profit -- ramped up to $105 total investment by late-November -- my first buys were mostly Comics & a Rock & Roll in November, didn't get much out of those and tied up the capital too much -- began trading the collectibles more actively in December -- account around $400 now
Everything I've bought lately, I'm selling at a profit very quickly -- small gains compared to what has happened, but leaving me a decent nest egg of gems to allocate going forward
You have to take into account the transaction & royalty fees (Marvel are way higher than DC for example), and also what is an acceptable level of profit to you -- for example, if I can make $20 net on a $60 buy in less than a day, I generally take it -- 33% gain -- this is based on 25+ years of trading stocks, options, collectibles, crypto & NFTs lately -- can ramp this up to 50%/67% if you are really confident, or take it down to 20/25% if less so (or even just $10 made)
Personal preference and tolerance for risk comes into play -- in some ways you can say I am scalping a bit too quickly, with the current massive rally I have missed out on some -- so going for 100%/200%+ gains is not unreasonable in an unusual spike rally like this
You can also just buy something and not manage it actively , put in a high limit price to sell and let it sit, or just check prices every week or so
If you buy 2 of a Collectible you like -- you can take profits on one and let the other run to the moon possibly
My profitable recent quick turnarounds: Smack Crack Pop drop, Batgirl, Robin, Throg Mighty, DC Batgirl, DC Supergirl, Voltron Defense, Ecto Interactive, Holiday Groot, Invis Woman UC blind box, The Thing, Druig
Currently only have the Borg because things are selling so quickly -- I'll prob find 1 or 2 to buy tomorr, so the Gems aren't just sitting there collecting dust
I could go out tomorrow and spend the entire nut I've built up on 1 Collectible -- but my personality isn't to do that -- I may miss out on one going to $2k, but it just feels safer to me to spend under $100 on these in general (unless it is like Partner's Statue or something)
You can read some more of my analysis of prices and possible values in the link from yesterday I posted at top -- but remember, these prices are changing very very quickly
And as always, BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK -- nobody ever went broke taking a profit, but plenty of people have gone broke throughout history by doubling down over and over and putting all their eggs into 1 basket -- and a giant cashout is coming to VeVe, eventually we think sometime in the 2020s decade?
Hope you enjoy the content I've posted here, I'll be doing something on the Comics next most likely
(If you feel generous, or I've helped you make profits, make a good purchase decision, or avoided losing gems -- my VeVe name is rufusjonz and I would happily accept gifts of Gems, Comics or Collectibles :D )
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2022.01.18 22:16 iamcalifw 💲 MetaShiba - Just FairLaunched and we are flying 🚀 Renounced Ownership - GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year 💲

Slippage : 0%
Did you miss Doge, ShibaInu, FlokiInu? Don't miss MetaShiba ($METASHIBA) and Get your 100x Gain Now and Make this Most Popular Community In World!
METASHIBA is an elastic supply token build on the Binance smart chain, designed to rise by a minimum of 12% every 8 hours. That's the best rate of rise guarantee you can find !
📈 The price of one token can ONLY GOES UP !
Tokenomics :
Experimented team of professionals (development, marketing, etc.) 📡
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Marketcap target : $1Trillion ! 📈
And more to come
🚀 Buy On Pancakeswap -
💥 CONTRACT : 0x4fa38769146e05d2e098ce7969ef1312bc11e337
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2022.01.18 22:16 icydata Kotkaniemi's second goal

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